5 Reasons for entrepreneurs to write a book now

I’ve been challenged by many when I say that EVERY Entrepreneur should write a book. I’ll plead my case in a moment but first I want to explain how I came to this understanding myself.

I was a licensed insurance agent several years ago and a company recruited me to sell their insurance product. The real draw of their recruitment was the promise that they would give me “all the leads I could handle.”

Imagine my disappointment when the leads they gave me consisted of a phone book. I found myself sitting on the phone for hours and hours thinking, “This is not what I want to do.”

I wanted the people who knew the value of what I did to find me. At the time I thought that I was looking for a miracle. That’s how I got started in Attraction Marketing.

Attraction marketing is a method that sets you up as an expert in your field. Once you are in position as the go-to person, your clients will chase you rather than you chasing clients. Becoming the author of a client attracting book is one of the methods you can use to set yourself up as that highly sought after expert.

If you are an entrepreneur, authorship offers you many benefits:

1. You can charge more money.

It is really an elementary idea but let me illustrate. If you needed a plumber to install your new jet-tub, which of the following plumbers would you hire? The one who wrote the book about bathroom remodeling or the other one with the biggest ad in the Yellowpages? Which plumber do you expect to charge a higher fee for their service?

Authors are considered experts on their subject, and experts get to charge more for their services. In fact, it is expected! If an author charges less than premium rates for the services, it would confuse their clients.

2. It offers residual income.

While it is unlikely you can replace your income with just one publication, many business owners find an additional stream of income from the sales of how-to or idea books.

No one can depend 100% on the ability to make a living. People get sick, break bones and all sorts of things interrupt the pattern of business.

The work of writing and publishing your book is done once. You can continue to profit from it even while you are vacationing or out of commission for health reasons.

3. It can increase your current business.

A basic principle of being in business is that you need to market. Even employees should have this idea ingrained deep inside them. They should be continually looking for ways to market and sell your products, or they will be looking for another job.

At first glance, it might sound self-serving, but marketing is not really a selfish act. Think about it this way: if you are not marketing, you are doing a disservice to your potential clients. You need to share your value with people or else no one will know about you or how you can make life easier.

Even if you just give your book away, you will become the person who knows about your industry and every time someone puts your book on the shelf, they are advertising you and your business!

4. It can open doors to speaking events.

If you are an author, people want to hear from you. Even if they have not read your book, people open doors of opportunity to you when you are an author,. After all, if you know enough to write a book on a subject, you must be an expert.

When you speak, you are seen as an authority on your topic and you get more customers. You can generate an income by selling your book after a speaking event, or offer to give everyone in the audience a copy of your book just for being booked on stage. Imagine the shock and awe of people when they get a free copy of your book!

5. It is good for reputation management.

In this digital age, it is increasingly more difficult to keep a finger on your reputation. People will “Google” your business name and your personal name before they do business with you. Being proactive is the best way to “manage” what people find.

The easiest way to control your online reputation is to create content online. Your authorship page and sometimes your book’s sales page will show up on the first page of Google. That’s better than your latest divorce proceedings.

Which of the above 5 reasons resonated with you more? There is no excuse not to get your book written now. Remember to share your worth with the world!

5 Reasons for entrepreneurs to write a book now

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