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What is it that you do? Meet Rachel Brenke

I always get people asking me  – “You’re like Chandler, I don’t really know what you do.” So here is my explanation. 

I am a lawyer and business consultant for small business entrepreneurs.

That is the short answer. Here is the long one…

Education & Online Resources

As an MBA and lawyer, I provide educational and advisement resources for small businesses. I have 3 main blogs that provide educational resources including articles, templates, digital products for entrepreneurs to use (contract template forms, business planning, marketing strategy, tax guides, etc.) These three blogs are primarily in the realm of Photographer (thelawtog), Bloggers/Ecommerce (RachelBrenke), and Fitness professionals (FitLegally). Through these, I have an email list of over 110,000 readers.


Under those there are also Facebook communities : TheLawTog: Biz, Marketing, Law and more!Business Bites.

Podcast & Biz Consulting

The over-arching Rachel Brenke brand has a general small business podcast called The Business Bites – which reached #6 on ALL of iTunes business podcasts at launch (higher than Dave Ramsey, Tim Feriss and others). They are 10-15 minute episodes, so busy entrepreneurs can learn a targeted bite of information and keep their education going even when they are busy.

This is also where my 1:1 business consulting services sit.  We intimately work together on business planning–including marketing strategies and EFFICIENCY, so you can have LIFE over work.


Legal Work

I am currently offering legal services in a partnership with Connors and Brenke PLLC–including business formation (LLC, Corporations), contracts, plus intellectual property things such as (copyright registration, defense; trademark registration, defense).

Author & Speaker

As a supplement to everything I do, I also have a line of business (3) and children books (4) to help small business entrepreneurs. All can be found on amazon and in various book stores.

Conferences and events also hire me to come speak to their audiences–this year includes Australia, Vegas, California, North Carolina, etc.

No matter the venue or the format, these are the main things I teach:

  • life over business
  • being unapologetically you
  • protection & prevention – as opposed to clean up later
  • buyer confidence building instead of advertising
  • customer service over selling
  • efficiency over busy-ness
What is it that you do? Meet Rachel Brenke

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