Unwrapped with Brock Johnson

Few entrepreneurs start and exit with the same idea. Today’s guest, Brock Johnson, is here to remind listeners that there’s power in just getting started. Tune in to hear Brock’s story of entrepreneurship success, starting with equipping parents to keep their children safe in the digital world. Brock defines entrepreneurship as paid problem solving, and believes strongly in the power of having a niche. Hear all about the memberships Brock offers to help users make the most of social media for business, and much more today. Thanks for tuning in! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome to today’s guest, creator of InstaClubHub, Brock Johnson. 
  • How growing up around entrepreneurial people influenced his way of thinking.
  • Creating financial independence as a busy student athlete with no time for a job.
  • The opportunity he identified during the 2015 SnapChat conversation.
  • How teaching his parents how to use SnapChat led to his first official business.
  • The evolution of teaching parents to keep kids safe into teaching them business. 
  • Brock’s advice to entrepreneurs: just get started.
  • Finding the motivation to move forward with an idea that you are not passionate about.
  • Defining entrepreneurship as being a paid problem solver.
  • The power of having a niche. 
  • Why Brock landed under NCA investigation.
  • Shifting from a focus on SnapChat to a focus on Instagram stories.
  • His first podcast: Social Media Money Makers.
  • What motivated him to put all of his Instagram training in one place: the InstaClubHub.
  • Why a course isn’t a good enough resource and what Brock offers instead.
  • Why Brock has stopped thinking about where he will be in five years time. 
  • His predictions for the future of Instagram and Facebook.
  • What it was like to speak to Instagram staff for the first time.
  • What is next on the horizon for Brock and his wife as they build their businesses together.

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