Rachel Brenke + Military Influencer Conference 2018 (Orlando, FL)

Rachel Brenke was joined with other amazing speakers such as Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee, Jim Koch from Sam Adams, and JJ Pinter from Team RWB  at Military Influencer Conference in Orlando, Florida September 23-25, 2018.  You can view the whole speaker roster here.

Rachel Brenke Military Influencer Conference Orlando Florida 2018

Brenke presented on the following topics:

#1 Moving with the Military – VIP Session

Moving a business is something many military-connected business owners need to undertake during the life of their business, but do you know how to do it legally and efficiently? This session will discuss how to make a decision about what type of legal entity is best for your situation, when to use foreign entity registration, and how to make sure your contracts and marketing are legal before and after the move!

Key takeaways: The considerations for moving your business and how to do it legally. This session will be jam-packed with information that will equip the audience to make good decisions about their situation.


#2  Panel – Copyright, Trademarks, and Patents, Oh My!

Andy Nelson, Rachel Brenke, and Anna Blanch Rabe talk about the military influencer space and intellectual property. They will discuss some legal cases that have made the news and some of the cases Andy and Rachel have been involved in. They will focus on the lessons MIC attendees can take away from these to protect themselves.


Rachel’s Notes: 2 thumbs up for an amazing conference! Great location, content, and attendees! Enjoy Rachel’s photo documentation of the trip!

Rachel Brenke + Military Influencer Conference 2018 (Orlando, FL)

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