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The Business Bites Podcast® is a short-format podcast where

busy entrepreneurs find quick & valuable education.

The goal is to grow your business in 10 minutes an episode.

Including topics on legal, business, marketing and strategy.

Don’t put off business education due to lack of time.

So, let’s dive in.  

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Quick Bites Of Education.

Legal. Biz. Marketing. Strategy.

Your Business Bites Podcast® Host is yours truly, Rachel Brenke.

As a multiple business entrepreneur, I know a thing or two about business. Combine that with the fact that LIFE HAPPENS & business bites is yours for the taking.  

As you need.  As you can.

I also know you’re super busy.  I am too.

I’m not just a business woman…I am also a mother to five human kids and two rescue puppy dogs.   I am also a competitive multisport athlete.  These things, plus my wonderfully supportive husband, fill my life outside of business. This is why you can consume targeted content, in short format, with actionable steps.

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