Affiliate Program Terms Template

When you are running your own affiliate program, meaning having others be affiliates to promote your site, it is important to have program terms outlined and published for reference.  These terms will set the expectations of all affiliate activity and conduct, as well as reduce the probability of miscommunications.

Suggested provisions include:

  • Description of program
  • Enrollment
  • Links on Affiliate Site
  • Program Requirements
  • Responsibility of affiliates
  • Ordering processing
  • Advertising fees
  • Fee payment
  • Policies
  • Identifying self as affiliate
  • Limited license
  • Reservation of rights
  • Term and termination
  • Compliance with laws

These terms should be provided at the applicable step of the process and be readily available to affiliates during the duration of their affiliate-ship with your site.  If you are using a structured affiliate program (such as iDev) they provide a section to place the Terms for easy reference in the affiliate’s dashboard.  If you are on a more laid-back structure you may need to put these terms on a hidden page on site and link from an affiliate page sidebar and/or dashboard for reference.

Affiliate Program Terms of Use Template

Grab an Affiliate Program Terms Template here.

Learn how to run an affiliate program legally and efficiently here. 

Now available: Affiliate Program Terms Template

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