Moving Forward by Taking a Step Back with Jamie Otis

I’m so excited to have Jamie Otis (you may have heard of her) back on to chat about life, love, and all the things in between. Jamie was on Married at First Sight and The Bachelor, but today we talk about life beyond the silver screen. Fair warning – this episode may feel heavy at times as we discuss trauma-related topics, therapy and more, so please listen with care. Whether you’re a biz owner or not, this episode is packed with wisdom that’s relevant to every stage of life. We talk about therapy being a key element to Jamie’s healing journey, her authentic online presence, building her personal brand, and the lessons learned along the way. Most importantly, Jamie shares key advice on the power of pausing. Join me and listen in to one of my favorite body-positive influencers and momtrepreneurs.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Jamie Otis. 
  • The story of how she got into the reality TV world. 
  • How being on the Bachelor prepared Jamie for Married at First Sight.
  • Jamie’s approach to being authentic online. 
  • Her experience of laying her story bare on Married at First Sight after the Bachelor.
  • Jamie’s tip for anyone feeling nervous to share their story: find a safe space.
  • What it was like to have the support of an online community when she experienced pregnancy loss.
  • The role of therapy in supporting growth and saving Jamie’s marriage.
  • Advice from Rachel’s therapist: shut the f up! 
  • The wake up call that reminds you that you get this life to live however you want.
  •  Finding your in between ‘too much hustle’ and ‘not enough’.
  • What Jamie is learning about the power of pausing, especially with kids.
  • Her focus on growing her family and taking time to breathe.
  • Jamie’s advice not to wait for retirement, but to do something you enjoy even if it means making less money.
  • The life-changing effect of taking the next step, whatever that might be.

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