Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal with Laura Cayouette

Listeners may recognize our guest from over 60 roles on the big screen, playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, in the blockbuster film, Now You See Me, and on True Detective. But today, she’s here to talk about the eight books she has penned, and to share her unique story of entering the acting world before leveraging what she
had learned to find entrepreneurial success.

Join us for some pearls of wisdom suited to actors, authors, and entrepreneurs, including what Laura would say to her younger self and why it’s so important to approach your work as an actor through a business lens. Laura shares the remarkable story of how she went from writing one book in twenty years, to writing four in five, along with why she aims to have ‘God’s eye view’.

We discuss the one question entrepreneurs don’t ask, and how asking it can change everything, and Laura shares how her life has exceeded all the expectations she had as a young person. Press play to hear all this and more today. Thanks for tuning in!

Key Points From This Episode:

• An introduction to today’s guest, Laura Cayouette, actor, author, and entrepreneur.
• The non-traditional story of Laura’s acting career, starting in the 80s.
• Her lifelong dream to be an award-winning author, through being a tenured professor.
• Why modeling was such a lucrative college job.
• What motivated her to write Know Small Parts, her book on acting.
• Transitioning from acting into entrepreneurial pursuits.
• How Laura’s life compares to the dreams she had for herself.
• What ultimately drives Laura forward regardless of the medium she is using.
• Conversations on the set of Django Unchained.
• Her relationship with sales in person and online.
• Why everyday is different for Laura and how she feels about it.
• Why self-care is on her to-do list every day.
• How she did all the things she thought she would do but in totally different ways.
• What Laura’s eight books are about and what motivated her to write them.
• How she went from writing one book in twenty years to four in five.
• Why she believes that everybody has a book inside of them.
• Why it’s so important to know that you are a business as an actor or writer.
• Her goal to create a world where she has a ‘God’s eye view’.
• One question a lot of entrepreneurs don’t ask.
• Why wordsmithing one paragraph for two years is never going to get your book written.
• How the lens you are looking through determines what you are seeing and what that means
for actors.

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