Let’s Be Real with Jamie Otis

Episode 170 on the Real Biz Talk Podcast

As entrepreneurs, our natural inclination is to want to put our best foot forward on social media, but building an authentic following is often about being as vulnerable as possible. Today, my guest is Jamie Otis, and she joins me to talk about her journey toward vulnerability as a TV personality and social media influencer, and how this connects to her process as an entrepreneur.

Jamie is a dynamic American TV personality, registered nurse, entrepreneur, and TV host, having been on shows such as The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and Married at First Sight. In this episode, Jamie shares the story of how she ended up being selected to appear on these widely viewed shows and the shame she felt about admitting that she grew up in a trailer park on them. She talks about meeting her husband on Married at First Sight and building a career based partly on their relationship involving the podcast they co-host together – Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.

Our conversation covers the inspiration Jamie became to other women after she shared about her background and how this helped her build an audience connected by authenticity and vulnerability. We also get into Jamie’s processes during pregnancy and motherhood, moving toward accepting her body, and how she is helping others do the same through her course, Become Body Positive.

Be sure to tune in to this great conversation all about using your story for a purpose and a business!

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