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As a business attorney, I work with small business owners in a variety of industries. I am licensed in the states of Virginia, Texas and with the Supreme Court of the United States.

My goal is to help small business owners, like you, staying legal so you can focus on your business.

Business Management


Business Formation

Intellectual Property

How does this work? 

I am not your typical lawyer, which you probably already know by now.

As a small business owner, I recognize and appreciate the fact that budgets may be tight and that talking to a lawyer can be scary.

Please know, I don’t just spout off pricing without knowing you and your situation. That hurts all parties involved. This is a key area where I try to stand out.

We will get your information to run required legal conflict checks, understand your situation and will by phone discuss what is going on.  From there I can give some feedback and better assess your legal situation.

After the initial consultation, if there is legal action to be done + we are a good fit = an engagement agreement and any required payment will be requested.

This is the process of us getting legally set up as lawyer and client.

Working with clients is my lifeblood. I love it.

I pride myself on being more than a lawyer serving you off a legal menu.  All advice comes from the perspective of a small business owner.

The bonus to working with someone that has an MBA is also the element of business consulting that is brought to the legal table.  This is an area that is greatly missing in many law firms across America.

So don’t be surprised if you learn lots of business in addition to law!

We can work as much or as little together.  During the process, I’m happy to highlight any other legal inefficiencies that you may need help with, even if they aren’t relevant to the task at hand.  This is help serve you better as a client.

“I’m so glad Rachel is on my team!”

-Amanda H.

Rachel + her team were such a pleasure to work with!

They were professional, responsive, and kind!

-Sandy S.

Interested in working together?

 By submitting the form below, you acknowledge and agree that no attorney-client relationship exists until the firm decides to take your case and you fully execute a written engagement agreement.

 Due to licensing restrictions, I can only do contracts work for Virginia and Texas-based businesses.  

If you have federal needs, such as trademark and copyright, we are not bound by state.