As anyone knows that has spent any time on any of Rachel’s websites or social media channels, spending time outdoors is a an important part of Rachel’s life. Fellow podcaster and friend, Amy Bushatz, invited her to her show, Humans Outside, to talk about this love and how she manages to fit everything she does into her schedule.

I do things very probably robotic and methodically in order to be able to do or have more time for other things in my life. So especially my businesses are very methodical, very structured, which is kind of funny because you meet me in person you’re like — that’s not the same person I see online — because I’m kind of a mess. But I think my advice here is when you look at someone and you know, like you Amy or myself, and from the outside can look like we have it all together, we know what’s going on. All the things that we’ve done is not all done at the same time. ~Rachel Brenke


Key points to listen for:

  • how Rachel got into running & how it’s become an important part of her day
  • how she is overcoming the trauma of losing her dog Archer
  • how to fit outdoor time in when owning one or more businesses
  • how multitasking isn’t always a good idea
  • tips on how to maximize your time


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Hi, I’m Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke

As a mom, team USA athlete and cancer-survivor, I want a real life while I have a real business.  This is why my resources don’t promote hustle-culture, rather tough-love and no-holds-barred tips to achieving both.  In addition to this website, I have a top-ranked business podcast, been featured in places like Forbes and work 1:1 with so many of you.

Enough about me though. I am proud of you for pursuing entrepreneurship. It is rewarding and amazing.  Keep at it!

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