How to put your Facebook Ads on autopilot

I have a big secret y’all. I haven’t seen anyone discussing it in the groups.

I do, however, see people discussing their frustration in trying to figure out the Facebook Ads Manager.

I see the exasperation as brands are trying to read the analytics and screw up targeting.

I see the giving-up of many who are spending more money than they need to simply because they don’t have time.

Drumroll please.

AdEspresso is the best thing since sliced bread for your Facebook Ads. And no, AdEspresso didn’t pay me to say that.*

AdEspresso provides a plethora of extra capabilities that the standard Facebook Ads Manager does not. These include autopilot, at-a-glance visual comparisons of ads, and enhanced analytics.


Anytime you have a system that provides autopilot options allowing you to be hands-off but still moving closer to your goal – you need it.  This is particularly true when running Facebook Ads as the ads will keep running, taking money, and not making conversions if you aren’t careful.  This oversight is not hands-off and can cause business owners to spend an immense amount of time watching analytics and less time working on other priority projects.  AdEspresso allows for optimization rules to be set to “kill” any ads that aren’t meeting your goals.


For example, if your cost per click (CPC) is more than you are willing to spend in a time-frame, the optimize rule can be set to turn-off that ad so you don’t waste any more money.

While you may like to sit and see your conversions, it is more cost-efficient and time-efficient to allow these optimization rules to run automatically and do the work for you.

Visual Comparisons

The interface of AdEspresso allows for a quick view of which of your ads are performing best.  This at-a-glance-comparison allows a quicker and more effective creation of ads in the future.

These comparisons also drill down into the CTR, CPC, CPA, Impression, Clicks and Conversions by a simple hover over the ad.

Split Testing and Analytics

AdEspresso also gives quick analytic view by all campaigns filtering into individual campaigns.  The system allows for a quick split testing set up for testing by image, headline, interest, relationship status, gender, age and more!

If I haven’t convinced you, then just keep sucking away the hours and throwing money away trying to get your Facebook ads to work. AdEspresso takes the guess work out and lets you make money while doing other things!

*This post does include affiliate links but that doesn’t change my opinion in any way. It just helps to pay for the Starbucks I drank while writing this post!

How to put your Facebook Ads on autopilot

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