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How I increased my Pinterest to website traffic by 53% in 2 days

interest seems pretty easy to dominate, right?

Well, I thought so too.

But then I checked my analytics and got so frustrated. I had done my research on time of day to pin, scheduled pins with Tailwind App for automation, and made sure to do this every first of the month for an entire month.

I thought I had my Pinterest market on lockdown.

Then along came Stacie from Paper and Prosper to show me almost every single thing I was doing was only “Ok.” Okay no, let us be honest. It was mostly wrong. It was like throwing spaghetti noodles against the wall and hoping they stuck.  Some did, but a lot didn’t.

My analytics were showing the following:

  • 61% organic traffic – so my SEO was good!
  • 40% direct links (emails to my list + facebook + twitter)
  • 3% Pinterest
  • The rest was random and unidentified resources

3% for Pinterest is dismal for an influencer with 3,000 followers on Pinterest that has engaging and must-have business content.

Pinterest domination is a must in this image-driven market, and I was missing an entire boat.  I have a six-figure business; imagine if I hadn’t been slacking on Pinterest all of these years. It makes me sick to think about.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is like the red-headed stepchild (I’m not knocking red heads, I am one!) of social media platforms. It is vastly ignored, leaving a huge untapped market.

Here are my reasons as to why you should care about Pinterest:

  • People are driven by images. So you need to be using images. Point blank.
  • Your target market is probably on Pinterest for personal stuff, why not include business?
  • Pinterest shows more content at a better algorithm result than most other social media platforms.
  • Daily Pinterest users have increased by more than 145% since the beginning of 2012. (Mashable)
  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also spend 10% more on average. (Wayfair)

….so why are we not on Pinterest?

So what is my point in sharing this?

Because you need to be, for the reasons listed above.

I’m so thankful for the dismantling of my Pinterest strategy by Stacie (Pinterest Princess, if you ask me).  She came in and within 2 days of implementing only THREE of her tips, my traffic went up 53% from what it was.  Two days.  Incredible.  My pins are steadily gaining speed now, and I feel a little less like needing an air-sickness bag for all the missed traffic.

When I saw this, I told her that she HAD to get this out to people.  Who better to teach others to do this than someone with 76,200 Pinterest followers and a 845,000 audience reach?

Do The Math

Let’s do the math on that – say only 20% of Pinterest followers clicked through to your site and purchased at an average sale of $100 – how much is that?

15,240 Pinterest referred customers = $1,524,000

What?? 1.5 million dollars coming just from Pinterest.

What in the world would you do with 1.5 million dollars?  I would be typing this from a beach in the Bahamas instead of Virginia!

Top Tips I Learned For Domination

The strategies that Stacie taught me are phenomenal and easy to do. Here are my top tips that she helped with:

#1 Audience Interest

Finding out audience members pinning interests – much like Facebooks audience interest tool. Pins related to trending topics see an average of 94% increase in click-throughs. (Pinerly Study). In fact, audience interests have been so pivotal in Facebook advertisements, it just makes sense that it works best over here. This helped me to get out of boards that were JUST for business and included other areas of interest for my client avatar.

#2 80/20 Rule

Pinning 80% of other influencer’s information and only 20% of mine. I found that people started following my account more when I was sharing a good wealth of other information than just pushing my stuff down their throat. I do that enough in the inboxes 😉

#3 Get with the branding

Creating pinnable images that are eye-catching and branding-cohesive help to reinforce my business in the minds of others and lends credibility to all actions I take on Pinterest.

The best part of these? They carry over to other social media platforms.  So really, I just enhanced my strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while just learning about Pinterest.

How I increased my Pinterest to website traffic by 53% in 2 days

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