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Getting results from social media – Q&A with Prerna Malik

Social Media is a must have in business. That is why we’re gonna take a quick departure from legal mumbo jumbo to highlight this important aspect to business.

Prerna Malik, the brains behind Social Media Biz Direct (now Content Bistro), graciously gave us a few minutes of her time to talk a bit about creating content strategy.  Her company, SMBD,  focuses on social media and online brand building to facilitate engagement, build community, and get results.

We hit her with some of these questions:

  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve seen small business owners make repeatedly in terms of their online presence?
  • Which do people go to more- website or blog?
  • What about a set schedule for social media?
  • How to maintain real-ness in your online presence?
  • How savvy does one have to be?
  • What is ONE thing you can do immediately to improve online health?

With her expertise and these awesome products, Content Cookbook and The Social Spread (no longer available), Prerna has set you up with some quick tips for revamping or creating your online marketing strategy!

Click play to get these questions answered and rock your social media!https://player.vimeo.com/video/122429233

Getting results from social media - Q&A with Prerna Malik

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