Reinventing Your Life with Cheval

In this episode, I welcome a true powerhouse woman, Cheval, the creative director at She is Cheval, a specialty women’s shoe brand. As our conversation unfolds, listeners will discover the remarkable journey of a woman who has successfully rebranded herself after a high-stakes legal battle. Cheval’s story takes a unique twist from her previous life as a renowned wedding dress designer, where she was forced to shed her birth name due to legal constraints. The discussion touches on her recent venture, the “A Girl You Might Know Foundation,” a nonprofit inspired by her own experiences. While diving into the nuances of her legal battle, Cheval shares valuable insights that resonate with entrepreneurs and creatives alike. We explore critical lessons from Cheval’s journey, emphasizing the importance of specialization and protection for creative individuals who may become overly focused on their craft. Cheval’s transformation from a “reckless optimist” to a responsible entrepreneur highlights the significance of self-advocacy and mentorship. Listeners can expect a thought-provoking discussion that delves into the complexities of entrepreneurship, legal challenges, and the inspiring resilience of a woman who continues to design her destiny.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Cheval is the creative director of She is Cheval, a women’s shoe brand, and was previously known for being a wedding dress designer.
  • Cheval had to rebrand and reinvent herself due to legal reasons and is no longer allowed to use her birth name publicly.
  • She has also launched a non-profit called “A Girl You Might Know Foundation,” inspired by her journey, which involved a significant lawsuit.
  • Cheval emphasizes the importance of designing your own destiny in life and business.
  • Cheval’s journey involved facing challenges and legal actions as she grew her career.
  • One lesson learned is that specialization is important, and people should be aware of their blind spots.
  • Creatives should not overlook the need to protect themselves legally and financially.
  • It’s crucial to balance enthusiasm and dedication to one’s craft with responsibility and self-advocacy.
  • Networking with mentors and advocates who have experience can help entrepreneurs navigate challenges and vulnerabilities in their journey.

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