Business can get overwhelming.

That is why I, Rachel Brenke – entrepreneur, lawyer and business consultant, has created this 7-day challenge to help you turn your business from just existing into a REAL BUSINESS.

One that provides for you not only financially, but so that you can live the life you want.

Whether you’re looking to

  • quit a 9-5
  • supplement your corporate income
  • provide financial support to family

RealBiz is a challenge you need. The end goal is to build a business plan on the main pillars that provide you the life you want with the business you create.

  • strategic business execution
  • improvement in personal growth
  • achievement of self-care
  • enhanced interpersonal relationships

Whether you’re new in business or just feeling burnt over, this is for you.

Create a real business, so you can have a real life.

Rachel Brenke

How does it work?

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