Free email list building course from LeadPages

I want to give you something. I wish it was dinner or a coffee, but the logistics would be a nightmare.  So for now, let’s stick with something that can help your business grow significantly this year.  You see, LeadPages has put together this phenomenal course on Email List Nurturing, and they’re allowing me to give this to you. No cost, no obligation, you don’t even have to opt-in.

The only thing you have to give in return for all of this incredibly useful information is about two hours of your time.

Yes, in two hours, you can watch this entire 9-video course, created by Bob Jenkins, LeadPages’ Marketing Educator, and be well on the way to growing a much stronger, much more effective email list, and boosting your sales.

Because Bob isn’t just showing you how to get people on your list. He’s also showing you how to turn those subscribers into loyal, paying customers.

Watch all 9 videos right here.

When you delve into this 9-part course, Bob will show you:

  • List Building 101: Everything from the very basics of email list building to more advanced techniques, such as how to lower unsubscribes and refunds. (Hint: one of these techniques reveals how many subscribers you may be losing because of poor list follow-up.).
  • Which Type of Email to Use When: Bob covers the different types of emails, including autoresponders vs. broadcast emails, as well as the five emails you need to start converting your subscribers into customers.
  • Advice from The Experts: Bob interviews Chris Davis, Head of Marketing Automation at LeadPages, and Kyle Hale, Vice President of Sales at LeadPages, on what’s working right now in both marketing automation and one-on-one sales, and reveals how you can apply these techniques to your business.

If you decide to download the course, along with the videos, you’ll also get MP3s, transcripts, a mind-map and more.

Go here to check out the course.

Again, I want you to have this so you can grow your business faster.

And when it does – I wouldn’t mind if you dropped me a high-five or even some coffee!

In full disclosure, the links are affiliate links to help support the site but that doesn’t change this education’s credibility. I’m a strong advocate of LeadPages and their support of the online community.

Free email list building course from LeadPages

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