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How Introverts Can Grow Their Business

Episode 98 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode: Are you an introvert trying to grow a business and feel like you are struggling? In this episode, Rachel sits down with Lindsay Maloney from Book Your Dream Clients Podcast to give you some tips to help you. Don’t worry extroverts; you weren’t left out! These tips can apply to you as well. 

What you will learn:

  • What the busyness trap is and what it’s telling you
  • Why introverts stay in their comfort zones and how to push past that
  • Why it’s important to be yourself and not let labels define you
  • How to turn weaknesses into strengths
  • How being self-aware can help you stay replenished
  • and more!


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Lindsay Maloney is a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and a self-made business and success coach who specializes in teaching women how to start and scale their dream coaching businesses with simplicity and confidence. She believes that you should always choose to use your intuition to guide you as you grow your business. With her step by step, intuitive, and creative guidance you’ll feel inspired to take her tips into action, push your business forward, and work with your dream clients. Lindsay works with women who want to get unstuck and structure their brilliance into a coaching business that’s sustainable and financially exhilarating. She is also the creator of Stand Out Coaching Academy and is the host of the Book Your Dream Clients podcast.

You can find Lindsay here:

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