3 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your Speaking Engagement

3 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your Speaking Engagement

Episode 67 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode: Learn my top “off market” tips to making the most out of your speaking engagement.  Let’s get out of the box and really get traction before, during and after your event.

What you will learn: 

  • How to best utilize a landing page on your website
  • How to reach people who didn’t attend the event but are still interested in the message
  • Why you should push out content covering the event or conference
  • and more!

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Hey, guys. Welcome to Episode 67 of the Business Bytes podcast. I am your host, Rachel Brenke, and I want to share with you guys a bit about speaking engagements, whether you’re somebody who is hired to speak on states all the time, or you’re just wanting to get into speaking in order to help share your content, get new consumers, or gain an audience. Often times, I talk to individuals who go out to speak, and they think that the bulk of the work is all about the preparing of the slides, getting the content together, maybe a couple social media posts, and then doing the actual event. The thing is, that is not even touching the surface of what you actually need to do in order to make the most out of the speaking engagement. In fact, you need to look it as a well-rounded, all-year-long type of approach.

If you guys have listened before, you know I often talk about this three-to-one benefits, pros and cons type of ratio rule that I take in determining what actions I’m gonna do in my business. Speaking engagements are also one of those. We can go ahead and just take off the table, as it’s pretty common sense, of the idea we only want to speak in places that have our client avatar. Don’t know what that is? Check out Episode 12 with Magic of the client Avatar. We want to make sure that it’s within the content we’re wanting to deliver, and also to make sure that it fits into our schedule, and maybe the amount of money that we want to be paid, or the other benefits the conference will receive. Those are common sense, default, givens.

There’s other things that we need to look at to see how we can make the most out of it, and if the conference is gonna allow us to do this. So, I want to share with you guys some ways to make the most out of a speaking engagement. Like I mentioned before, you want to make sure that you have your slides and your presentation. All of that’s gonna be visually branded in the best way to further represent your brand, cause brand cohesiveness, and attention to who you are and what you do. But we need to take it a step further than that.

Don’t just stand up on the stage and throw up your regular URL. Don’t just sit there and say, “Oh, just go to my Instagram or go to my website.” The very first thing you guys need to do is create a specific landing page just for the event that you’re speaking at. This is important because you can use this before the event, during, and after in a variety of ways. For me, I love to do this on my regular website or landing page type system. I prefer the regular website because I can put my Facebook pixel on there and I can easily re-target. But this specific landing page is gonna be allowing me to be able to put specific content directly to the individuals that I’m going to speaking to, or have already spoken to at the event. We’re going to brand it with the event’s name, what I talked about, some tidbits and takeaways, may even want to put your slides there for download, a freebie, a discount, or a giveaway.

My recommendation is put an opt-in here. I used to go around the room and have everyone hand over their business cards and I do think that there’s still value to taking the business cards so that you can reach out, but I also like to qualify my leads in a little bit of a way by making them take the step while I’m speaking to go to this specific landing page and give me their email address. Because then that shows that they are interested in what I am giving away, or what my download is, or who I am as a speaker, and it’s already qualifying these leads for me and allows me to followup with them after the event.

As a side note, and we’re not talking about the negotiations with the conference within this podcast, but let’s say that the conference still is providing you maybe the attendee list for you to reach out to them. I still recommend that you do a specific landing page like this. Incentivize individuals to opt in, whether using the discount, giveaway, slides, or a freebie, and make sure that that landing page is tailored and follow up with them within 48 to 72 hours of the event with at least a thank you. As always, please don’t use and abuse these leads, but make sure that you are gonna keep them warm and get them warmer to buy into who you are. After they’ve already seen you speak, they probably are pretty well connected at that point.

Another way to make the most out of your speaking engagement is to utilize the event hashtags and social media channels leading up to, during, and after the event. So with the specific landing page like we just talked about, you’re able to connect directly and get these email addresses of attendees or maybe other speakers, or the conference givers, right? But utilizing the event hashtags allows you to reach individuals who may not have attended the event.

Now, I love being able to search the hashtags and I do this through the entire event. I like to go through, find what the official hashtags are, pick up on maybe some of the variations that people are using that may not be the official event hashtags, interact, re-Tweet, comment, ask people to follow, follow them, get to know all the individuals whether or not they were attendees at the event or not. The reason for this, this is another level of qualifying your potential audience. Qualifying your potential consumer. They’re interested, they’re interacting with hashtags, they’re interacting with your post, and they’re already warming up to who you are, and that specific direct engagement can bring them into your corner of the internet even more so, and then you can also circle them back around to the specific landing page if you wanted to, as well.

A note on that, you can keep the landing page just for the attendees, which I do recommend many times, or you can do one even for the individuals that are interacting on this hashtag, but may have not necessarily attended the event. Because how many times have you ever wanted to go to a big conference, but you just were not able to go, but during the event you followed the hashtags and you interacted with it. You are still a viable customer or a consumer for the speakers. So you, as a speaker, should also do the same to catch the individuals that may not have come to the event. And again, the timeline for this is leading up to the event, during, and after. Make sure you’re utilizing any of your own posts, searching it all on the social media platforms of where your client avatar is to get on their path and interact with them, and do it after the event, as well.

My third major tip for making the most out of your speaking engagement is to make sure that you blog or podcast about the event, and this can be like tips that are in line with your content. It could be even a coverage of the event itself. This is gonna depend on what your delivery is like. What your content, what your audience normally looks to seek from you. Many of you would probably love to hear about the difference conferences that I go to, and admittedly I haven’t done that great of a job of reviewing the conferences, and after I attended Boggy Con this past weekend in Cedar Point, Ohio, I have made a commitment that I would … Gonna start doing this, because I get questions all the time.

They say they saw me speak somewhere and you guys want to know about it. But on top of that, just like I’m doing this podcast, I had many speakers at the event ask me how to make the most out of my speaking engagements. I’m taking tip number three right now, and doing it for your guys. I am doing a podcast about the event, or a related subject matter. I do highly recommend to make it as specific to the event if possible, if you’re able to do that, because then you will circle back around to tip number two, utilizing the event hashtags, et cetera.

I find myself, at events, not only searching the hashtags for that specific year, but for past years, and that’s not even while I’m at the event. That’s leading up to, as a speaker, when I’m trying to get to know the individuals that are gonna be sitting in my audience. I’m gonna be using the prior year hashtags, as well. So what does that mean? You, as a speaker, consider using the prior year and current hashtags when you are blogging, or podcasting, or even just posting about the event. I recommend doing this in a couple of ways, and here’s a great way: Three-to-one return that we talked about before. For every action that we do, we want to get at least three returns and be able to use that action in three ways. So for this speaking engagement, not only are we reaching the individuals in the audience, but then we’re also gonna be using it for content.

So, like I said, we want to maybe do a review of the event that gets you some SEO and some connection to the event’s name, but maybe also do a blog post or a podcast on tips that are in line with your content that relate to that conference. That will allow for more of an organic and evergreen type of podcast to our blog post for you to use all year long, but of course make sure that you still use those hashtags and the social media sharing, because it all comes back around.

So that was a nice, quick episode for you guys today. Three ways to make the most out of a speaking engagement that is beyond all the normal stuff that you probably hear out there. Now, go back and listen. I gave you some really good content. Don’t just gloss over the whole specific landing page and use of hashtags and blog about it. Rewind, listen. I gave you some very specific, nuanced things that will make it very hard-hitting for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to jump into the Facebook group, the Business Bytes. I’ll be in there interacting and talking and I would love to share with you guys for any questions that you have about speaking engagements, whether you’re already doing them or you’re wanting to dig in, and if you guys want to check out the show notes for this, you can find it at RachelBrenke.com/EPI67. I also have a free business legal check list over there and other great interactive things that we can do together to help you get forward moving in your entrepreneurial journey.

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