DIY Copyrighting Your Intellectual Property - Episode 36 – Business Bites

DIY Copyrighting Your Intellectual Property

Episode 36 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode: Unsure of how to protect your intellectual property? Here’s a DIY plus some tips on how not to screw it up!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Copyright process


*Fill out application

*Do within 90 days of publication

*Batch process

Things NOT to do

*post in a FB group

*send a quick take down without taking evidence

*send a letter lambasting them

*post on social media lambasting them

Things TO do

*Screen shot everything

*Dig around

*Do a reverse image or word search (google alerts)

*Contact an intellectual property lawyer for an initial assessment  (doesn’t have to be local)

Inquire here for Intellectual Property help > Connors & Brenke

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