Figuring Out This Damn Balance Thing for Business

Episode 166 on the Real Biz Talk Podcast

Business and life are not separate.  In fact, they are completely intertwined.  If you’re living to work, working to live, you’re doing it wrong!  Business should be a supporting actor to the life we want.  It should not be our lives.  

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated in your business, you’re hurting not only your biz, but your relationships and your real life.  If you’re not being real with yourself, if what you’re doing is no longer serving you, it’s time to pivot and get the balance back. Stop with the degrading self-talk – “I don’t have enough time.”  “I didn’t get that done.” “I should have done it this way.”  Instead, remember you get to do this, you can, and you will.  Let go of the pressure of should haves and shame, and do the best you can in this season.  Just keep showing up, doing what you’re skilled to do (even imperfectly), and be authentically you.  

Join me as I chat with Heather from Flourish Academy about not fighting your schedule, finding balance in biz during every season of life, and learning to embrace it all – the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Don’t force yourself simply because you have a to-do list – if you’re not in it and you’re not gonna be able to show up and you’re not gonna be able to effectively fulfill it, don’t do it.  That’s all part of these seasons. – Heather, Flourish Academy

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Did We Get Here
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Identifying Goals
  • Figuring Out the Balance

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