4 Things Business Contracts Are That Most Lawyers Won’t Tell You

Episode 158 on the The Real Biz Talk Podcast

Contracts can feel tedious, daunting, and even unnecessary. I’m here to tell you that contracts are so much more than that. They are designed to iron out confusion, set parameters for your consumers, and protect you from them.

In this episode, I dive into a whole bunch of misconceptions and give you the clarity you’re looking for. To start it all off, I define what actually makes a contract, which is essentially an agreement between two people or entities. Once we have the concept of contracts under wraps, I tuck into some of the advantages that come with them. For starters, it outlines the type of relationship you and your consumer can expect to have, as well as helping to forge consumer confidence. We can also use contracts as a “no man”, whereby you can put a limit on the consumer’s demands.

To find out more details on how you can make contracts work for you, be sure to join us today! 

The more questions that a consumer has to ask, the less likely they’re going to buy into you and the less happy they’re going to be in the end. – Rachel Brenke

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why contracts are the key to business owners realizing success.
  • We define the architecture of a contract.
  • Hear about the advantages of using contracts.
  • We answer the question: who should be involved in drafting contracts.
  • Find out how contracts work for us and our business.
  • Contracts as a means of raising consumer confidence. 
  • You can also use contracts as a “no man”.
  • Why contract agreements can actually improve your customer service.

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