Create Your Content Calendar in 10 Minutes

Episode 155 on the Business Bites Podcast

We all know that you need to create and publish great content for your business to thrive. But one of the best ways to approach this task is to efficiently organize the process and avoid time-wasting and messaging that is confusing for your consumer.

In this episode, I break down how to go about organizing your content calendar, sharing a handful of vital factors to focus on. The primary element here is to maintain themes across your months and quarters in order to communicate consistently and with direction. If you map out the journey of the consumer, you are able to consciously direct them towards the offer you want them to purchase. Tying monthly themes into larger arcs across quarters and even an entire year will keep all your ideas and strategies within a manageable and effective framework.

I also talk about keeping your offers simple and to a minimum at any given time — you do not want to create the analysis-paralysis that leads to indecision and a lack of follow-through.

The last two areas of creating your content calendar are the venues through which you communicate and post your content, as well as the cornerstones to keep in mind through the lifetime of your offer. This method is such a simple yet profound way to get so much done and up your game, so tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Getting the best return on your time and actions. 
  • Avoiding the overwhelm of available information on planning.
  • Using monthly themes and related content to create touchpoints with consumers. 
  • The time period necessary in order to get buy-in from an audience. 
  • Grouping monthly themes into larger, quarterly buckets.
  • Sticking to one offer per month as you create a consumer journey. 
  • The results of too much choice; analysis-paralysis and missed opportunities.
  • Deciding on the venues to use for advertising and publication.
  • Creating a personal connection between you and the consumer.  
  • The cornerstones of an offer; about me, about them, inspirational, content-based, and a call to action!

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