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5 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making Now

Episode 153 on the Business Bites Podcast

I’m a business coach and intellectual property attorney. Importantly, I’m an entrepreneur, just like you.

Having been in the business for 15 years, I’ve had to evaluate myself, and you guys, all the time.

I pick up mistakes, and that’s what we are going to cover today: we are going to sit down and look at the mistakes we make so that we don’t make them again.

First up, we need to stop trying to serve absolutely everyone.

In this episode, I share a fishing analogy where I ask you guys to stop casting out one giant net, and instead focus on one part of the lake with the bait and tackle you know best.

Then I get into repetition.

Repetition is important for getting your message out there. Because how is your consumer going to know you can help them unless you don’t tell them?

Linked in with this, entrepreneurs don’t tie in their own story with their product or service, and the thing that consumers are looking for is connection.

On the other side of the coin, though, we can’t just make it about ourselves. Later in this show, I tell you how you can create a balance between your story and what you can do for your customer.

And then finally, I touch on inconsistent visuals.

Visuals are easy to attain these days because you can get them from virtually anywhere. The problem is, many people don’t know how to use them correctly, and I’m going to tell you how. Find out how you can quit making the same mistakes and join me today!

The number one mistake that I see that everyone makes, especially newer entrepreneurs, is getting into business and trying to serve everybody.
– Rachel Brenke

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What are the top five marketing mistakes we keep on making?
  • Our first mistake is getting into business and trying to serve everybody.
  • What you should be doing instead of trying to make everyone your market.
  • The mistake of not repeating yourself enough.
  • How you can make sure your client gets the message.
  • Not building up a connection with your audience.
  • Making sure your touchpoints hit home with your audience.
  • Achieving a balance between your story and what you can do for the consumer.
  • Why you need to stop creating inconsistent visuals.

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