3 V’s to Successful Minimal Marketing

Episode 152 on the Business Bites Podcast

Marketing in today’s climate is not about throwing as much as possible out there and just hoping something sticks.

A more minimal and considered approach will bring you success and rewards in the short and long term, and today I will be sharing three ‘V’s that can help you trim the fat and make more impact!

These are visualsvalues, and venues; three vitally important areas to consider at any point in your marketing journey, and doubly so in the early stages of a business.

They can be used for any type of service or offer, and really enable you to present a cohesive and comprehensible message to your prospective customers instead of a scattershot approach that misses the mark!

I talk about selecting an aesthetic and color-schemelogos and photos, the evolution of your message, and how to decide where to publish and promote your business. These three areas have an element of less is more, and the more refined your choices, the most effective you will be. Minimal marketing is all about connecting with your audience and ideal avatars in a real way, so listen in today to hear it all!

It is extremely important that we get back to these basics on a routine basis, so that we are not getting completely distracted by the next silvery, fun thing that comes along

– Rachel Brenke

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A great method for making business decisions: the 3 to 1 formula! 
  • The first ‘V’: the visuals for your business.
  • Choosing a color palette and aesthetic and sticking to it. 
  • The second ‘V’: the values of the business. 
  • Values guide what you do and also what you present to the world.
  • The third ‘V’: the venues for the delivery of your brand!  
  • Using minimal marketing and smartly selecting where you put your energy.
  • What to expect in next week’s episode!

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