Create your 2021 business plan in 10 minutes

Episode 146 on the Business Bites Podcast

Now that we can see light at the end of the 2020 tunnel, let’s shift our focus to creating your fail-proof business plan for 2021.
A major one thing I see yearly around this time is business owners excited for the new year (yay!) but…
..they OVER THINK the steps to getting their business plan structure in place.
This episode kicks off my 5-episode series of business strategy planning for a rocking 2021!
Normally this is where people say “Don’t take it from me”…but I WANT you too. I’ve built my businesses from $300 per month to shattering 7 figure ceiling.
Let’s do this!
Spoiler: you don’t need an MBA, or twelve 15-hour days to make one that is right for your business. All you need are these four tips:
1. Create a client avatar

Make a list of characteristics of your ideal client. What do they like? How do they shop? Refer to episode 12 for more in-depth info on creating an avatar.


2. Evaluate your USP (unique serving position)

What is it that makes you unique. What can your clients get from you that they can’t get from someone else?


3. Create a list of all your offerings

This list can include products, services, etc. Go through your list and identify best sellers. Also, identify those products that didn’t do as well as you were hoping by putting an X next to them.


4. Simplify

Create a new list with the X’s from the last step. Do any of them bring you joy? If not, go ahead and remove them. The, with the ones that are left, think through how you are offering them. Perhaps it’s the marketing that needs improvement. Perhaps it didn’t catch the attention of your intended audience, or maybe the intended audience wasn’t the right one.

After going through these four steps in a thoughtful manner, you’ll have a 2021 business plan that will keep you on track, and help you grow your business and success.

What is different about you from everyone else?

Rachel Brenke

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RACHEL: All right. So 2020 is almost over. I feel like I never was going to think or say those words. And because 2020 is 2020, I want to end the year with sharing some of my biggest mistakes I’ve made this year. But here’s the deal. It’s not just going to be Rachel’s rants. I’m going to take what I’ve learned and apply it into a way that you can have a business plan created within 10 minutes, but without all the issues and mistakes that I’ve made. So let’s listen.

Welcome to the Business Bites Podcast, the podcast for busy entrepreneurs. Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or seeking after brick and mortar success, this podcast brings you quick bites of content, so you can learn and grow anywhere you are. Now here’s your host, Rachel Brenke.

It is the final Business Bites Podcast of 2020. My name is Rachel Brenke, and I am so happy that you are listening. I am so happy to be giving this podcast, because that means y’all we made it. We are almost there. We are to a new year. And even if you’re not a resolution style person, if you’re someone that just doesn’t even think about closing of chapters, opening of chapters, there is still no denying that there is something about a new year that comes around. It just gives a sense of rejuvenation. We come off the tail end of holidays. We are hopeful for a new year. And so I hope that each of you are starting to feel that. If you’re not there yet, well, guess what? I want you to just buck up, fake it until you make it. Get through this episode with me. Put these actions into action, and let’s see what we can do for 2021.

So as you’ve seen, this past year has been a change in the Business Bites Podcast. I fell off for a bit because I had some personal issues, which we all did. And then it really was heavy in guests this year, and it was a little disjointed. That is one of the biggest mistakes that I have made. The plan that I’m going to outline for you guys here in a couple of minutes, which is four quick steps in order to get a business plan set up for 2021 in 10 minutes, is that I got distracted. I got excited. I got focused on, “Ooh, shiny this, shiny that.” I felt so blessed. Oh, that word. But I felt so humbled. And so just like, “Oh my gosh. All these people want to come on my podcast. I have to take them. Right?”

And I’ve talked about it on episodes. You can say, “Not right now,” instead of “No.” I’ve talked about sticking to this formula and sticking to that. But you know what? Sometimes we get distracted. Sometimes we just want to check out and see what is new and different, especially during pandemic. And frankly, I have had a lot of great guests come on the podcast and there’s a lot of valuable content. But here’s the deal. If you’ve noticed, the episodes have gotten longer and longer and longer, and they weren’t as cohesive. We’d go from one theme to another theme. And in the last few weeks, once I identified this issue, we’ve got a bit more cohesive. But I realized that I was doing myself a disservice. I was doing all of you a disservice because when I set out with the Business Bites Podcast in 2016, maybe, maybe, maybe, it was to be quick education for busy entrepreneurs.

Well, the whole goal was to stick to podcasts around 12 to 15 minutes, maybe 20. But you know what when we start talking to guests and we get all this good information, we spend a lot of time. And sometimes that’s good, and that’s content you need, but it was smacking in the face of what I wanted to provide to you guys. Get in and get out. So I want to say I’m sorry for that. I encourage you please, right now… And this is something I’m asking. If you could, if you value the content and you see the value in what I’m going to outline here in a couple of minutes and what I’m going to do moving forward to better serve each of you in your business in 2021 and beyond, please leave a review and please recommend to your friends.

Because here’s the deal. I don’t do any Patreon. I don’t have paid membership for this podcast. This is weekly education that I’m committing to do because I find it extremely important. And as you’re going to see in these steps that I outline in a minute, I have a unique selling proposition. I’ve got the legal side, I’ve got the business strategy side. I have the mom side, I have the high achiever side. I have all of this that I can combine into one place to share with you. And I feel like it would be a disservice to each of you by not putting this content out there. Sure. Yes. I mean, transparency. The end game is that you buy into my brands. You see the resources that I have. But I’m not selling “you,” air quotes. Can’t see it. I’m not selling or serving you anything that you don’t need in your business. So please, if you do value it, that is a sure-fire way for you to be able to just say thanks, is by referring the podcast to others, interacting on social is great and leaving a review is wonderful.

So we’re already four minutes into this and I want to keep it fairly quick in true Business Bites Podcast fashion moving forward. So let’s get into the steps of creating your 2021 business plan in 10 minutes. And yes, because here’s the deal. I don’t believe that even though I’ve been to business school, which you don’t need that, news flash, in order to be a successful entrepreneur. You don’t need to have this big, long drawn out business plan. You don’t need to sit here and buy into all these courses and memberships. Which by the way, they are great. They have their place. But you can sit down and go through these quick steps in order to get yourself to a quick and easy and focused business plan.

All right? And one of the reasons that I am ending the year of Business Bites Podcast and making this change is because I also got distracted off this this year, which that’s okay. Sometimes you have to pivot, but I allowed myself to get behind in my own things that I recommend like batch processing and scheduling and sticking to these four. So let’s get this under control. Let’s get accountable. We have the Business Bites Facebook group that we are going to have a thread on this as always. Let’s get accountable and let share this.

So step number one is we want to identify our consumer avatar. Right now, or when you’re done with this, write out who you want to serve. Just real quick. Don’t overthink it. Just, who is it that you want to serve? And after this, I do want you to jot down then go listen to episode number 12. So, because that really digs into the exact process that I take with my business consulting clients of how they identify that consumer avatar and get very specific.

Now next step I want you to do real quick is evaluate if that is who you’ve been attracting. If you’ve not been attracting this right person, sketch some ideas out why, because that’s going to guide you of things not to do in 2021. If you have been attracting, then quickly jot what actions you feel worked best in the past, or are currently working, and bold those, star those, and stick those into the plan that we’re going to talk about here in a bit. All right? So this is our framework. First, identifying the consumer avatar.

Second, we want to evaluate our unique serving proposition. And I’ve kind of shifted this because I used to call it… I’m sorry, unique serving position. I used to call it unique selling proposition. I’m trying to get that more corporate vernacular out of my vocabulary because I really think it’s about uniquely serving and positioning yourself to serve. So write down your unique serving position. I just outlined mine a bit ago for y’all. Why of all of these hats and things that I can offer, that you can’t necessarily get elsewhere in one stop shop like Business Bites Podcast. Right?

You can go listen to a legal podcast, but are you going to get the view of an entrepreneur? Probably not. Are you going to get the view of someone running multiple businesses? Probably not. Are you going to get… There is crossover out there and there are some wonderful people doing wonderful things. But my unique serving position is that I can combine all the things that I’ve learned in all the facets of who I am in my life and my career into one place to uniquely serve and help solve the problem that you have. Because that’s the question I want you to ask yourself for number two. What is different about you from everyone else that solves your consumer avatar’s problem? All right?

Business Bites Podcast. What is one of the problems that you guys all have? There are so many resources out there. You don’t know who to trust. Many of them haven’t run their own businesses. All they’re doing is coaching, and that’s the only business they’ve ever run. And there may be bits and pieces. You want to know legal one week. You want to know marketing the next week. That is what makes me different from everyone else. As well as the quick format podcast, which again, I apologize for getting off track with that this year. So number two was evaluate your unique serving position.

Number three, and this is probably most important. I’ve really gone on a couple of rants on Twitter about this, is to simplify. I want you to sketch out, and you’re probably going to have to pause for this, but write down what your current offerings are. What is it that you are putting out, product, services, et cetera. Identify your biggest sellers. And then I want you to put an X next to the ones that you don’t enjoy. So you can go through the whole list, identify the biggest sellers, and then identify the ones then put the X next to that you don’t enjoy.

Then we want to decide either to get rid of the offering, offer it only at certain times, or find a way to automate/outsource the business of that offering. When I say business, that means the delivery of that product and service, the marketing of it, everything. All the businesses of that offering. Because if you have stuff that you don’t enjoy that are not big sellers, they probably need to be removed. But you don’t have to completely get rid of it, although that’s one option. But you can only offer it at certain times. That’s one way to go about it. Or you find a way to automate or outsource it. We really want to simplify as much as possible. And we just had a couple of podcasts about simplifying in the month of November. So there’s three or four episodes, if you just go back before this into November, that can really give you a good framework for that.

All right, so now, because we’re getting to the end, and really this is how quick and easy this is. It may take a little thought, but really my goal through these four points is I just want you to gut reaction, right? And then you’re going to come back and you’re going to think about it afterwards. All right. So we want to bullet point 2021. So get a piece of paper out and write January all the way down through December. January, March, April, May, all the way down. Write these in order. And then you want to write each month vertically on the piece of paper. All right? So with these in mind, we want to identify a couple of things. Each month, we want to have a theme or a message. And then we want to have a main call to action or offering. So just think of like, “All right. What product or service could I push for this month that’s connected that theme or message?” And then also what your anticipated consumer avatar response is going to be.

Let me give you an example. Right now we are spinning up for January. I’m going to be talking a bit more about planning and strategy in the month of January for January, 2021. So January’s theme for me is business planning and strategy. My main call to action right now is obviously listen to the podcast and y’all take in these actions. My action is going to be for y’all to join me in a free challenge that I have coming that I’ve been teasing. All right? While obviously with the end goal of being able to serve and help each of you in your business on a more one-on-one type of structure.

So that’s my main call to action and offering. And what is my anticipated consumer avatar response? I want you all to engage with me on social. I’m anticipating you consuming this podcast. I’m anticipating you taking these actions and putting them into place, and also having me top of mind when you get into January so that we can move into working together. All right? So that is the quick case study. Quick and dirty right there, of how you want to walk through this.

One, identify the consumer avatar. Who is it you want to serve? Two, evaluate your unique serving position. What is different about you from everyone else? Three, simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify. You don’t need to be offering everything. Offering everything is selling and serving of nothing. And four, bullet point 2021 and use the first three points as the framework when you walked through theme, main call to action/offering, and anticipated consumer avatar response.

I tell you what, right here, if you nail this down, this is your structure that will lay the foundation for everything that you do in 2021. Not only did you just come up with a theme and message, then you can sit there and go, “Okay. I need either a podcast every week that relates to that.” Or, “I need a blog post every week.” “I need social media posts.” It is going to be a lot easier when you sit down to write your content if you’ve already outlined and bullet pointed all this like I just walked you through, in the lens of your USB, in the lens of simplifying, in the lens of your consumer avatar. Strategy, boom. Straight to the point, y’all got 2021 coming down the pipeline successful and ready.

So that was it. Quick and dirty. We’re back to the BBP quick format. So thank you for sticking with me. As always Business Bites Facebook group. We’re going to have the thread, like I mentioned. I want to see. And to grease the wheels and totally try to help you guys get incentivized during this holiday season, if you jump into the group and you are sharing about it, I’m going to be given away Amazon gift cards. Don’t know who, don’t know when. So as soon as you listen to this episode, you’ve done these four points, you’ve jotted them down, come and share as much as you want, as little as you want, to show me that you put some effort into it. You’d be entered to get an Amazon gift card that can help your business in 2021. And I’ll talk to y’all in the new year.

Thanks for joining Rachel on this episode of the Business Bites. For show notes, a list of recommended tools or referenced episodes you can find them at Until next time.


  • Create Client Avatar [6:06]
  • Evaluate your USP (unique serving position) [7:00]
  • Evaluate your current offerings [8:43]
  • Simplify [9:12]


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