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Creating a Custom Visual Brand Using Stock Photography

Creating a visual brand is more important than ever when it comes to standing out among other businesses. 

When businesses first start out, it’s not always affordable to hire custom photography. Having access to a stock photography library lets you create a cohesive brand and look professional until you can get your own custom photography. Rachel Rouhana from Haute Stock joined this week’s episode to share tips on how to create a visual brand using stock photography. 

She created Haute Stock out of a need for stock photography that appealed to female entrepreneurs. She wanted something that would be easy to use and reduce frustrations of trying to find the right photography for businesses. 

Finding the right photography isn’t always easy. So, how do you decide what style you want to use? Rachel outlined 4 steps to help you narrow it down:

  1. Define your ideal audience and what you brand is about
  2. Look at your brand colors and overall aesthetic
  3. Decide what type of content you want to create
  4. Identify 3-5 overarching themes to focus on

You also need to consider the legalities of using stock photography. Are you getting your photography from a free site? Do you know what the licensing means? Are you sure that the site has the rights to the photos they are offering? If you are ever in doubt, it’s best to find another source. Even though the website claims to have the rights to the photos, they may actually not and you will be the one held accountable for using the photos should the rights holder decides to take legal action. 

Down the road, you may decide that you want to have custom photography done for your brand. Rachel gives tips on how to use that custom photography along with stock images so you always have what you need for your website and social media. She also shares ideas on how to plan out your social media. 

Utilizing stock photography can give you a head start on creating a visual brand as long as you find photography that works for your business, and you go about it legally. 

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