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Using 2020 Lessons for 2021 Success

The year 2020 has brought about many changes in the way businesses operate.

In order to survive, it’s imperative that entrepreneurs have the foundations of their businesses set up in a way that allows for quick pivots especially when the outside environment is constantly changing. Learn from Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studio how to set that foundation and to get some tips on ways your business can diversify.

Bryan and Rachel share many ideas that entrepreneurs, especially photographers, can do to keep money coming in the door. But how do you open up these new lines of revenue? 

  1. You’ve got to refocus your energies on relationships, and you have to make sure that you build empathy into everything you do in your business.
  2. You have to differentiate what you do.
  3. You have to focus on guiding and serving others.
  4. It’s really important for you to get organized through all this.
  5. You’ve got to diversify your revenue streams.

As you start moving into these new spaces, it’s important to recognize that it’s ok to be imperfect. Everyone is trying to figure all this out at the same time. At the end of the day, those that are genuinely trying to help and leave a positive impact in their communities and circles will be the ones to survive. 

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