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Why Your Business Needs A Helicopter

Getting a bird’s eye view of your business is important when it comes to your business’ growth.

Jumping in a helicopter (metaphorically, of course!) allows you to view your business from different heights so you can laser focus at times and at others see the bigger picture. Justin Tamsett from the Fitness Business Podcast discusses why entrepreneurs need to allocate time each week to work on their businesses versus working in their businesses. 

The goal is to reduce friction. What may stop people from using your business? Or for example, stop listening to your podcast or consuming your content? What can you do to retain your customers?

Justin emphasizes that it is ok to not know all of the answers. It’s ok to ask for help. Help doesn’t have to come from people in the same industry. There is a lot to learn and a different perspective to gain from people outside of your industry. Only seeking help from the best in your industry can only make you as good as the best in your industry. Seeking help from the outside can help you grow even more.

A great takeaway from this episode is that the best ideas will not grow your business unless you take the action needed to implement them.

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