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3 Quick Tips to Brand Protection

Episode 134 on the Business Bites Podcast

Brand Protection is the most important thing in your business. 

Read that again.  When everything else is gone, that is ALL that’s left standing.

Good products and good customer service are literally not enough anymore in this market.  We’ve all seen it – crappy customer service, subpar product, but because of the brand and the connection with the customers, products still “fly off the shelves”. 

We sit down and create our business name, logo, branding colors, etc.  This is all part of your brand.  It’s what connects you with your potential consumers.  But you can’t just develop it.  You have to protect it. 

IMPORTANT:  From the beginning, check your business name to make sure no one else is operating under the same or similar business name offering the same or similar products or services. 

Step One:  Make sure you own all of your intellectual property.  EVERYONE that creates assets and such for your business must sign an intellectual property transfer document.

Step Two:  Do the proper searches before advertising a business name, product name, etc.  You don’t want to use a business name already in use to avoid confusion, a bad reputation, or worse, legal issues. 

Step Three:  Register for copyright protections on your logos. 

Little cheat sheet:  Business name, logos, photos, video, social media content, website content, anything that is created in your business, make sure you own it, that your business owns it. Make sure we are trademarking our business name and logo, and also doing copyright registration on all of our marketing assets.  This is ultimate brand protection!

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