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How Businesses Can Use Their Platforms for Change

Episode 126 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode:  Our country is in the middle of a long overdue conversation about people…who people are and why they matter. This has sparked a lot of passionate voices on both sides of the conversation being heard. But how do we as entrepreneurs and fellow humans decide how and when to speak out ourselves or if we even “should” speak out? Rachel invited her friend and social media strategist, Kia Young, to come on this episode to help show us her perspective as a black woman and fellow entrepreneur so we can be more in tune to what is needed as we are faced with these uncomfortable conversations.

What you will learn: 

  • why being an entrepreneur or leader gives you the responsibility to teach people
  • the importance of building up an authentic community and showing up as your true self
  • why it’s ok if you lose followers due to your stance on things
  • three ways you can speak up 
  • and more!


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Kia Young is a Social Strategist and Mentor obsessed with helping business owners focus on #WhatMattersMost to build a thriving online community that converts. Her agency, The Social Crown, supports service based businesses, personal brands, and non-profits internationally.

Her family currently resides in Maryland and she’s almost positive it’s their forever home, as her husband inches closer to retiring from the Army. She’s Mom to 3 plus Loki the Goldendoodle. Chances are VERY HIGH that right now she’s planning her next trip to Disney World while eating tacos.

You can find Kia here:

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