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Tips For Starting A Podcast For Your Business

Episode 125 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode:

Podcasts are started for a multitude of reasons…from adding to an existing business to wanting to share a message and everything in between. Listen to this episode with Kelly Ann Gorman from the Happy Workaholics Podcast as she and Rachel share tips for starting and monetizing your own show. “

What you will learn:

  • how to come up with the content you want to share
  • ideas on how to monetize your show
  • how to choose other brands/companies to work with
  • why it’s important to research the brands/companies you want to work with before you pitch them
  • and more!



Mentioned in this episode:


Kelly Ann Gorman

Meet Kelly

At an early age it was clear to people around Kelly that she was destined for a career using her outgoing personality and creativity. With a true passion for color she started off painting which led to photography and then blossomed into a love of makeup artistry and design. Since starting her beauty, luxury, business and service driven careers, Kelly has traveled to the most exotic and remote locations in the world, whether on a cruise ship giving seminars to cooking, cleaning, wining and dining on board private yachts and jets working with the elite. From folding napkins to curling lashes Kelly has seen it, done it and strives to do more! After years of working for corporate America, Kelly realized something was always standing in the way of her true connection to the client.

That something was the corporations. She realized that a personal relationship was needed, a direct connection to Kelly! In 2016 Kelly was diagnosed with MS and in 2017 she was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease called NMO. She quickly learned that becoming an advocate for your own health and rights would be a full-time job and knew she needed to use her voice and create a platform for others to come to, be heard and learn more. That is when The Happy Workaholic Podcast was born. A show focused on Business, LinkedIn and Life with an Autoimmune Disease. Three things Kelly knew best!

In 2019 Kelly found out that she was misdiagnosed with both diseases. Not only did she have to change her way of every day thinking and living life she also had to change the format and model of the show. The new and upgraded version of The Happy Workaholic Podcast is intended to elevate your mind, upgrade your business, enhance your life and become a part of a positive and uplifting community. Inspiration, motivation, determination and a never give up attitude are what got Kelly to where she is today, and she cannot wait to share the stories of other inspirational entrepreneurs, professional patients, healers, business owners and fellow podcasters who will be featured on the show.

Kelly has always taken a more personal approach to business. She continuously uses her expertise and knowledge to raise awareness through patient advocacy and grow The Happy Workaholic Podcast, Network, her coaching experiences and her consulting programs she has created in order to enhance your business and life and get you to that next level you deserve to be at!

For the latest in business, life and podcasting news be sure to follow Kelly on Instagram and Facebook @thehappyworkaholic.

You can find Kelly here:

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