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Creating a Plan-Based Business with a Solid Brand with Britney Jeanine

Episode 123 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode: Having a plan for your business will help you stay on track and make the best decisions for your business and activities. In this episode, Rachel and Britney Jeanine talk about the importance of having a plan and a solid brand and how to build it so you can provide the best products or services to your clients.  

What you will learn: 

  • that it’s ok to try different things to figure out what you really want and what you’re really good at
  • why developing confidence in yourself can help you be more authentic
  • how being a people pleaser can hinder you in reaching the people you actually want to talk to
  • why you’re products/services don’t have to be perfect and why it’s good to go ahead and release
  • and more!


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Britney “Jeanine” Canidate is the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of BJCo Creative, a passion-driven full service creative agency, and Britney Jeanine & Co., a consultancy firm based in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.

Britney has established herself as an industry leading creative brand consultant and brand strategist with over 12+ years of experience. Through her work, Britney has supported clients across a multitude of industries consulting for corporate executives, high-ranking government officials and hundreds of creative entrepreneurs.

Known for her spunky attitude, creativity, strategic mind and attention to detail, Britney is a proud graduate of Georgetown University where she received her Masters in Public Relations & Corporate Communications, and a Florida State Seminole with a background in Finance & Marketing.

Through online education, group mentoring, 1:1 consulting and live events, you can find Britney sharing her signature systems with fellow creative entrepreneurs who are focused on their purpose, profits and productivity.

​As Britney would say, “go from winging business, to winning in business. Let’s get this work!”

There are several ways to work with Britney! Visit her online to learn more about her online courses, live in-person conference (Creative Complex), group mentoring and 1:1 consulting opportunities.

You can find Britney here:

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