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Pricing, Profit & Planning at all Stages of Entrepreneurship

Episode 121 on the Business Bites Podcast

The Gist Of This Episode: Knowing how to price and when to raise (or lower) prices is something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with. In this episode, Rachel talks to Amanda Holloway about how to set your prices where they need to be plus future financial planning. 

What you will learn: 

  • the benefits of batch processing
  • how to break down your pricing so you can figure out where your money goes
  • ideas on how to increase your money other than raising prices
  • ideas on using your prices as a filter rather than a marketing tool
  • and more!


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Amanda’s business jam is just that… BUSINESS. The money, the legal, the formulas, the psychology. It all makes her so freaking hype and she starts to get all loud and excited… just ask the thousands of photographers and business owners she’s taught in the past decade.

She fully believes that every single person in this industry has the right to make an incredible income and be the bread winner in their family. She’s done it… Amanda went from making $36,000 a year in law enforcement to seven figures. She’s driven that struggle bus and she got off it. Amanda took a budding business and created the dream career that she never thought she’d have and as clichè as it may sound, she can teach you how to get off the struggle bus too.

You can find Amanda here:

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