How to engage your audience by highlighting chosen posts

Every single time someone hits your blog you have limited time to grab attention, engage and convert them to a long time reader.  Majority of people are one-hit-wonders – they come, read and leave.  The goal is to get them looking around your blog but only with relevant and related content.

#1  Always set categories

This one is a pretty novice idea for bloggers but actually implementing and being consistent is the hard part.  Use categories and tags, then have a search form and/or category area to make this easy to find the related content.

#2 Use a Plugin

My favorite WordPress plugin is the Related Posts plugin (not an aff link, just sharing!) because it allows me to hand-select the posts I want to drive my reader’s attention to.  It automatically pulls related posts by category for you, but you can also search and identify key posts.  This is especially helpful if you’re suggesting a product in one blog post and have related blog posts that may have monetizing strategies built in.

#3 Top Articles

Use a widget/plugin on the site to highlight your chosen top articles in a sidebar or footer to draw attention – this is especially helpful for landing or main pages where new visitors may enter.

Create New Menu > Widgets -Custom Menu > Drag into footer/sidebar area! Done!

How to engage your audience by highlighting chosen posts

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