Designing Life with Carmeon Hamilton

When you walk into a space, whether it’s the waiting room of a doctor’s office or a hotel lobby, it can be easy to forget that someone has made a decision about every aspect of that environment, from the colors on the wall to the chairs you’re sitting in. Today’s guest, Carmeon Hamilton, discovered interior design while in college and immediately started working in the corporate space upon graduation, making her aware of the infinite number of behind-the-scenes decisions that shape our built environments. Since then Carmeon has walked a fascinating path, from learning to sew and build original furniture to starting her own design brand and business, Nubi Interiors, to triumphing as the winner of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen. I talk with Carmeon about her journey into entrepreneurship, the setbacks she experienced along the way, and how having supportive processes in place can be a lifeline when the unthinkable happens. While Carmeon has had truly wonderful successes, she has also had to contend with unimaginable loss. In our conversation, she provides insight into what it was like losing her husband just as her show was about to premier and what she has learned from trying to make sense of the experience since. Carmeon also shares exciting details about what she has coming up, including a new TV show and a book expressing her philosophies on life and design. Join us for an expansive conversation about the many facets of entrepreneurship and finding meaning, even in life’s most difficult moments.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest Carmeon Hamilton, winner of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen.
  • How Carmeon discovered interior design and chose to study it in college.
  • Her history of working in corporate and doing interior design for healthcare spaces.
  • The story of how she taught herself to build and sew furniture.
  • Carmeon’s history as a blogger and how she documented learning to build furniture online.
  • Entering the furniture retail space as a seller, design consultant, and buyer.
  • How she found clients and grew her design business, Nubi Interiors.
  • The client who sued her for using the color navy after not signing a contract.
  • How the experience discouraged her from pursuing entrepreneurship.
  • What this taught her about having the right business processes in place.
  • How she left her corporate job and started running her business full-time.
  • Her decision to go virtual with her business and how it coincided with the COVID pandemic.
  • How her online presence got her noticed by casting directors and producers.
  • The experience of winning HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen and the opportunities that came with it.
  • How Carmeon tragically lost her husband right before the premiere of her show.
  • Carmeon’s reflections on experiencing such a devastating loss alongside her rapid rise to success and prominence.
  • Why Carmeon felt grateful to have processes in place during this difficult time.
  • How she got her own television show, Reno My Rental, and why she is so fond of it.
  • The many speaking opportunities Carmeon was offered in 2022 and how it presented a new stream of revenue for her.
  • Insights on her upcoming tv show and book launch.
  • Learn where you can find Carmeon online and get in touch!

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