One of the best ways to target your Facebook advertisements is to get to those who are already visiting your website!   Why? They are already interested. They probably found you on facebook. Less money spent on those who don’t want to see your ads! Facebook can “creep” in their browsers and target your ads...
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Setting up Custom Audience by Newsletter List on Facebook
One of the best ways to target your facebook advertisements is to get to those who are already on your email list! With this set up Facebook uses the email they have entered to your newsletter list and pairs it up with those emails entered into facebook profiels!   How? We’re going to create a Custom Audience and...
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  Stock Photography Photodune (aff) iStock (aff)   E-commerce Set Up WordPress Plugin WooCommerce   External Setup Etsy – yes you can sell digital files and services on Etsy!   Social Media Automation Tailwindapp – Pinterest OnlyPult – Instagram IFTTT – makes recipes to connect social media platforms for automation   E-zine PDF Templates GraphicRiver    Automation...
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