How to legally use testimonials in advertising
Using testimonials in advertising is one of the strongest pieces of marketing that one can use.  These testimonials can come by way of formal feedback requests (surveys), comments on Facebook walls, and tweets on Twitter. While there is great power in the punch for the strength of a testimonial, legalities come with it that place...
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Gmail is amazing for all of the integrations and capabilities, but sometimes you just need to hack it a little bit more to get some extras features. Here are some Gmail hacks that will keep you professional, efficient and even legal!   #1. Send Email at a Specified Time Want to stick to your office...
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Here I go again: talking about how to make money. But Rachel, you think, I have plenty of money! I am just blogging for fun! Well, dear reader, congratulations, but this post is for the rest of the blogosphere who needs to pay some bills. So let’s get down to it. One of the most...
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Why having a custom email name is mandatory for success
With the massive overhaul technology has provided for business, attitudes have become more relaxed and allow for off-the-cuff type images (think Instagram) and injection of personality into business marketing.  However, professionalism is more important than ever to marketing and business success on the Internet. There is a misconception that professionalism is portrayed through large displays of business engagement,...
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The number one success factor MOST entrepreneurs don’t know
One of My Most Vulnerable Moments I was in a beauty contest once, “Homecoming Queens of America.” But an inexperienced one, as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t even have a talent. So the plan was to skip the talent portion of the competition… On the day of, I watched as contestant after contestant...
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Should you offer online lifetime access to your product?
Two common ways you can sell your product online are by subscription service or lifetime access. A subscription service is a payment plan. Your customer pays you a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee, and as long as the customer is current in payments he or she may access your product online. Lifetime access, however, is...
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Is your blog name legal?
You picked a niche. You pop in your scratched-up Friends Collector’s Edition discs into the dvd player. Crack your knuckles to fire up the new website. Only to stop… ….and ponder whether your business name is legal or not. Before you go any farther, let us check out some information on this. Because, let’s be real, naming your website...
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How to get paid by a client who owes you money!
You wrote great copy. Nailed the consultation. Signed the clients. But when the time rolled around to get you to get paid on the remainder of the monies, you hear crickets. What do you do? This post may be most useful to those of you who are business owners, but in fact, anyone who is...
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You may have considered offering gift certificates through your website. Or maybe you already do. In the past few years, gift cards and certificates have been the subject of federal and state legislation to protect consumers from overly restrictive and abusive gift card practices. We want you to know the federal legal requirements for issuing...
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25 Must read books for bloggers who want to succeed (and WHY!)
Being in business can be…well…busy. Between the whole content-creation, administrative-doing-tasks, paying-your-taxes, marketing-for-sales, executing-awesome-customer-service, and everything-else-oh-my-goodness-that-I-need-to-do-today, you can get swept away. So busy that you forget to take time for education. One of the best ways to receive education is by seeking out good, quality, and to-the-point resources such as books or audiobooks. By setting aside...
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