How to deal with non-payment and under-payment
You received an order from a new client, produced the requested product, sent the product off to them, and then waited patiently for the money to roll in. But, it never did! Or it did, but wasn’t the full amount. Or it did, but you realized that you charged too little by accident. What do...
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Global marketplace, global problems: international copyright enforcement
Global marketplace, global problems! You thought you had a handle on copyright and then you realized someone was infringing on your copyright halfway across the world. How can you enforce your rights in another country?   Copyright Basics Before we get to international enforcement, let’s refresh quickly about copyright in general. The U.S. Copyright Office...
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Protecting your online intellectual property
You’ve probably noticed a little copyright symbol – © – at the bottom of most blogs that you read. Maybe you have one on your blog too. But have you thought about what that little symbol means, or what it actually does? Let’s talk about copyrighting your online work, what that means, and how to...
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Protecting your business in layers
Your business is rocking and rolling with money coming in. Or else you plan for money to be coming in – so you’re acting like you’re in business. But you get this creeping feeling that something might happen and you will awake from this entrepreneurial dream. You don’t want to lose this. You’ve worked too...
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  I always get people asking me  – “You’re like Chandler, I don’t really know what you do.” So here is my explanation.  I am a lawyer and business consultant for small business entrepreneurs. That is the short answer. Here is the long one…   Education & Online Resources As an MBA and lawyer, I...
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After years of education, tons of work experience, sweat, blood, and tears, you have created an amazing business-growth package that you want to sell to small business owners in order to help them increase their profits. You are eager to share your hard-earned advice to help others. In your enthusiasm, you make a statement in...
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Graphics (or ‘works’) are everywhere. They are on every website, they are on every ad, they are posted across social media, and they are soooo easy to copy and paste…but is that legal? What if you credit where it came from? What if you only use a link? You may run across one of these...
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Protecting Credit Card Information: The World of PCI DSS Compliance
The increasing use of paying with plastic in person and the increase in online credit and debit sales is all about convenience for the consumer. However, one of the greatest worries in making these types of purchases is putting your personal information out into the world where it may be at risk. There seem to be...
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Pinterest seems pretty easy to dominate, right? Well, I thought so too. But then I checked my analytics and got so frustrated. I had done my research on time of day to pin, scheduled pins with Tailwind App for automation, and made sure to do this every first of the month for an entire month....
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Are your readers safe when they visit your blog?
There are a few things that are of paramount importance when you are creating and maintaining your blog. They are the content you provide, the relationship you have with your followers and readers, and the knowledge that your readers are completely safe when they read your blog. Your readers are a valuable resource, yet also...
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