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Welcome to the Real Biz Talk podcast where you will get guidance, support and direction to help you create a real business to have a real life. 

The biggest takeaway is how to strategically maneuver away from the “hustle to success” culture. Spending more resources of time, money and energy is not the way to create a real business AND have a real life at the same time. While Rachel understands why many think this is the only way to succeed - she is here to debunk this since she has done it over and over again!

With quick episodes, Rachel Brenke brings you the tips, strategies and stories needed to implement the real business, real life mission. Rachel shares timeless strategies that she used to build multiple seven figure businesses in a variety of industries all while raising five kids, competing with Team USA and dealing with life. Along with the tell-all approach, she hosts industry leaders who will give you the “real talk” on creating, growing and running multi-million dollar businesses.

Do you want to keep hustling with little return? Taking time and money away from self and family? Or do you want to step into a REAL BUSINESS to live your real life? Let’s do this!


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Episode 180 on the Real Biz Talk Podcast Whew! We are just into the new year and…well..it’s been a doozy for many…not unlike the last few years.  The thing is, every day we are not working ON our business (versus in) is a day we’re losing out on advancement. Lost opportunities. Lost connection. Lost brand […]

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