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Rachel Brenke will be featured during the live and rebroadcast feature with NBC Sports and Ironman Triathlon during Oct 13, 2018’s Ironman World Championship Race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Brenke received a special invitation from Ironman to attend the 40th anniversary world championship race. [See video here] She was exclusively selected as one of two age-group athletes to be featured...
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Rachel Brenke Keynotes BloggyCon18 + Cedar Point Family Trip Pics
This past weekend was our yearly conference/family trip to Cedar Point, Ohio for BloggyCon.  This has been a long-standing tradition with our family and I personally love it because I rarely get to take family on work trips with me!  So we rented a “church van”, loaded up and took off on an 8 hour road...
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2019 Speaking Schedule Is Filling Up!
2019 speaking schedule is filling up. I’m available on these topics: legal protections of business balancing family and biz growing multiple successful brands managing virtual teams launching new podcast at #6 on Apple podcasts charts growing biz as a #milspouse publishing books: self, house and otherwise consumer psychology misc – pitch me! All speaking and...
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Rachel Brenke to present at Military Influencer Conference - Orlando 2018
Rachel Brenke will be joined with other amazing speakers such as Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee, Jim Koch from Sam Adams, and JJ Pinter from Team RWB  at Military Influencer Conference in Orlando, Florida September 23-25, 2018.  You can view the whole speaker roster here. Brenke will have 2 sessions. #1 Moving with the...
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As Seen: Caroline Frenette Show + Rachel Brenke - Legal Pitfalls to Avoid in your Online Business
Online businesses are businesses.  If you’re putting yourself out there, and you’re attempting to make money, the threshold for liability is not that you’re profiting a certain amount, it’s that you’re putting yourself out there.  -Rachel Brenke   Caroline Frenette asked Rachel to come on her show and talk about how to avoid legal pitfalls....
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As Seen: Jumble Think Podcast + Rachel Brenke - The Legal Entrepreneur
I find fulfillment in being able to help other people, particularly mothers, be able to craft the life for what they want. -Rachel Brenke   Recently, Rachel was a guest on the Jumble Think podcast with Michael Woodward.  During the interview, they talked about how to start a business and why knowing the legalities is...
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As Seen: The Simplifier's Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Simplifying Small Business Legal
Legal documents are going to be your frontline.  -Rachel Brenke   Mary Baird-Wilcock from The Simplifiers Podcast invited Rachel to come on her show and talk about the legal aspects of owning a small business.     Key points to listen for: What copyright infringement is and some examples that you may be doing yourself....
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As Seen: Studio 78 Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Tips from an Attorney that Started as an Entrepreneur
“I didn’t start doing all those things (referring to everything she has her hands in) at once.  I started with one brand and developed that until it was to a very self-sustaining position and then I started another.” Rachel sits down with Nache’ Snow from the Studio 78 Podcast and discusses this and things to...
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As Seen: Create Your Own Life Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Overcoming Cancer to Make Time for What Matters Most
Rachel sat down with Jeremy Ryan Slate from Create Your Own Life Podcast to talk about things she has learned from owning multiple businesses.   I don’t have to do it all.  I don’t have to be the one to press the button.   Find out what Rachel meant by that and listen for these...
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