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Outlier Podfest 2018 Austin TX + Rachel Brenke from The Business Bites Podcast®
This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at Outlier Podfest in Austin, Tx.  It was an incredible, intimate podcaster festival that I 100% recommend to any podcasters.  Whether you’re podcasting for fun, for business or using podcasting as a content marketing tool for your business – you NEED to check out this festival....
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Rachel Brenke Keynotes Destination Wedding Planners Congress in Dubai
In March 2019, I traveled to Dubai to present at the Destination Wedding Planners Congress at the Atlantis The Palm.  Not just anyone gets to attend…it’s a “luxury closed-door by-invitation only business platform that brings together 500 attendees from over 70 countries” (from Epic Luxury Weddings & Events). I joined a line-up of speakers all...
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Outlier HQ Podfest Festival Austin TX
  Come join me in Austin, TX – May 18, 2019 I’ll be speaking about niching your marketing so that you can cut through the noise, maximize your money and attract numbers. See more info here!
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Society is litigious, and no matter how well-intended you are, no matter how good you are at what you do, we’re also human and we make mistakes, whether you intentionally do it or not, and so having contracts is actually just one piece of the layer’s protection that fitness, all entrepreneurs, but definitely fitness entrepreneurs...
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As Seen: Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Podcast 57 Actual Boring Business: Lawyers
Fundamentally, you’re missing the ship if you’re not doing social media marketing. -Rachel Brenke   Rachel was invited to be a guest on the Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast by All-In-One Social Media.  Desiree Martinez, a fellow military spouse, interviewed her about how she uses social media marketing for her law firm.   Key...
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Rachel Brenke + Military Influencer Conference 2018 (Orlando, FL)
Rachel Brenke was joined with other amazing speakers such as Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee, Jim Koch from Sam Adams, and JJ Pinter from Team RWB  at Military Influencer Conference in Orlando, Florida September 23-25, 2018.  You can view the whole speaker roster here. Brenke presented on the following topics: #1 Moving with the Military...
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As Seen: SweetLife Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Important Legal Steps to Protect Your Online Business and Creative Work
You never have an issue until you have an issue. -Rachel Brenke   A few weeks ago, Rachel sat down with April Beach from the SweetLife Podcast to talk about how to protect all the hard work you have put into your businesses.   Key points to listen to: Steps to protect your Intellectual Property...
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Rachel Brenke will be featured during the live and rebroadcast feature with NBC Sports and Ironman Triathlon during Oct 13, 2018’s Ironman World Championship Race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Brenke received a special invitation from Ironman to attend the 40th anniversary world championship race. [See video here] She was exclusively selected as one of two age-group athletes to be featured...
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Rachel Brenke Keynotes BloggyCon18 + Cedar Point Family Trip Pics
This past weekend was our yearly conference/family trip to Cedar Point, Ohio for BloggyCon.  This has been a long-standing tradition with our family and I personally love it because I rarely get to take family on work trips with me!  So we rented a “church van”, loaded up and took off on an 8 hour road...
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