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As Seen: Washington D.C.'s Best Lawyers + Rachel Brenke
The 2021 edition of Washington D.C.’s Best Lawyers was released on September 17, 2020. Included in this year’s list was our very own Rachel Brenke! She hit the list as one of Virginia’s top intellectual property law attorneys. You can read the full issue here: The 2021 Best Lawyers in Washington, D.C. Rachel Brenke is...
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Are you a real estate photographer looking for business inspiration? Rachel was recently featured on 7 Instagram Accounts Every Real Estate Photographer Should Follow.  Check it out here.   Where to find the list: Photography for Real Estate Did you know Rachel has tools to help you with real estate photography on our sister brand, TheLawTog®?  Find...
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As Seen: The Legit Endeavors Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Do you have questions on what you can do to make sure your business and the things you create for your business are protected? Then you don’t want to miss this! Rachel recently visited The Legit Endeavors Podcast to talk to Elizabeth Hill about protecting your intellectual property. For a quick preview, listen here!  ...
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As Seen: Forbes Magazine + Rachel Brenke - To Be Successful, Ask "What Would I Want?"
Jill Griffin recently interviewed Rachel for an article for Forbes.  In that interview, she asked her about when she wanted to be an attorney, how she is different from other attorneys, the types of clients Rachel has, and more. The main takeaway that Rachel wants you to have is to get your business and legal...
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As Seen: To the Point with Eric Mitchell + Rachel Brenke
If you haven’t noticed by now, Rachel loves all things legal and loves sharing that knowledge with others so they can better protect themselves and their businesses. Eric Mitchell, host of To the Point, asked Rachel to share some of that knowledge with his own audience.     Key Points to Listen for: the way...
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As Seen: The Heart & Hustle Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Trademarks, Copyrights, Intellectual Property, DBAs, and Contracts
Lindsey and Evie from The Heart & Hustle Podcast invited Rachel to come and talk about all things legal for entrepreneurs.   In this episode you will learn: why you should use contracts why you need a local attorney to review your contracts that you buy online the differences between copyrights and trademarks why you...
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As Seen: Rachel Brenke Quoted in Money
With everything happening in regards to the pandemic, people are seeking out ways to legally protect themselves and their businesses. And who better to go to than Rachel?   Money reached out to Rachel to get her advice on liability waivers and what to look for in them.       Read the full article...
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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, small businesses have been greatly impacted. This especially includes wedding vendors such as florists, caterers, cake designers and photographers.  Forbes reached out to Rachel Brenke for legal advisement to vendors facing cancellations of weddings and the associated legal contracts.  This quote isn’t the full analysis or discussion but gives a...
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As Seen: Authority Magazine + Rachel Brenke - Here are 5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Very Successful Podcast
Have you ever thought about creating your own podcast?  Recently, Jason Hartman from Authority Magazine interviewed Rachel about her own success as a podcaster. For those of you who didn’t realize Rachel has a podcast, too, here’s a link:  The Business Bites Podcast®. In this interview, Rachel was asked things such as: mistakes she has...
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As Seen: American Snippets + Rachel Brenke - Entrepreneurship & Overcoming Adversity
Barb Allen from American Snippets Podcast invited Rachel to sit down with her to talk about her how she began her entrepreneurial journey and the adversities she faced along the way.   Key points to listen for: how Rachel views adversity what made her stand up and make her health a priority how she created something...
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