Why you might need SSL security on your blog
We’re getting our tech on and discussing why you might need SSL security on your blog! Website security is a particularly hot button issue at the moment with several high profile security breaches which have led to usernames, passwords, credit card information, and even social security numbers being plastered all over the web.   What...
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Licensed Professions and the Digital World
Today, more and more of our lives are playing out online. You pay your bills online, you order groceries online, and you look up lots and lots of advice online. Many business that were once traditionally brick-and-mortar are now transitioning to the digital world bringing with them countless legal questions. If you own an online...
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Today, information is literally at our fingertips at the touch of a button. You can find all the closest custom coffee cup makers in a 15-mile radius, how to clean your whole house with baking soda, or even reviews for that new gadget you were eyeing. Some of this information is even true! Most business...
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Blogging 101: how to set up a blog quickly
Setting up a blog or website can be overwhelming.  Here is a quick breakdown with recommendations of resources, products, and services to help you figure out how to set up your blog (and/or ecommerce website) the best way possible!   Set Up Hosting The first step is to set up an area to host your...
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How to legally engage with your website’s minor users
You run a successful website about coding where a main part of your business is to host a Q&A form to engage your users. Have you ever wondered about who those people are that you are engaging with? What if you know that one of those people asking a question is a minor? Are there...
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The Blogger's Quick Guide to Affiliate Disclosure Requirements
The Federal Trade Commission requires that all affiliate links are disclosed on your blog – but it can get so confusing to figure out how to exactly do this. Here is a quick guide for blogger’s to see how to comply with affiliate disclosure requirements and keep your blog out of hot legal water!  ...
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Owning a blog comes with it a host of legal implications, especially when monetizing through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or merely linking to commercial sites.  We have dissected the legal anatomy of a blog for you to use as a checklist to make sure you’re blogging legally. This can also apply to websites that may not...
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The 411 on blog terms of service and privacy policies
Having an online presence is critical to the success of your business, but like most everything else, requires some legal oversight to ensure you’re walking on the right side of the law. We’re going to go over terms of use and privacy policy template structures to either use as a checklist against your current one...
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How to engage your audience by highlighting chosen posts
Every single time someone hits your blog you have limited time to grab attention, engage and convert them to a long time reader.  Majority of people are one-hit-wonders – they come, read and leave.  The goal is to get them looking around your blog but only with relevant and related content.   #1  Always set...
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How to hire a guest blogger
You have your blog. You’re rocking and rolling. But maybe you want another voice or two. Or are moving. Or just plain need a break/help! Hiring guest bloggers are fabulous ways to help ease some of the burden of blogging consistently.  However, there are some business and legal implications that are important to note when...
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