Licensed Professions and the Digital World
Today, more and more of our lives are playing out online. You pay your bills online, you order groceries online, and you look up lots and lots of advice online. Many business that were once traditionally brick-and-mortar are now transitioning to the digital world bringing with them countless legal questions. If you own an online...
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Running an affiliate program legally and efficiently
Having others to promote your products and services is one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your business.  Thanks to the Internet, influencers and trusted brands in industries have voices that far surpass the most extensive marketing budgets typically including line items for advertisements and customer satisfaction programs. Affiliate marketing takes these...
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What you need to know about return policies for your products
Whether you accept or do not accept returns, a well-written policy informing your customers of what to expect can be a powerful business tool. It may sound like just another thing to attempt to fit into your busy schedule, especially if you don’t allow returns, but it is a necessity. It will keep your customers...
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Protecting client information: Your duty as a business owner
“Watch the curb! Watch the curb!” I raised my voice to provide this guidance to my oldest child attempting to learn a bike without training wheels.  As parents or caretakers of others, we are given a duty to provide guidance for operating in life, as well as looking out for their well-being. Without this small direction,...
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Free email list building course from LeadPages
I want to give you something. I wish it was dinner or a coffee, but the logistics would be a nightmare.  So for now, let’s stick with something that can help your business grow significantly this year.  You see, LeadPages has put together this phenomenal course on Email List Nurturing, and they’re allowing me to give...
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How to put your Facebook Ads on autopilot
I have a big secret y’all. I haven’t seen anyone discussing it in the groups. I do, however, see people discussing their frustration in trying to figure out the Facebook Ads Manager. I see the exasperation as brands are trying to read the analytics and screw up targeting. I see the giving-up of many who are spending more money than they...
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How to automate your business & save your soul
As if life isn’t busy enough, being an entrepreneur creates 101 more jobs to your plate. I quickly found out that I didn’t have enough arms, legs, and toes to complete each project myself. Listen, when you have a glass of wine in one hand, a cat in the other and … well … you...
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If you advertise, sell, provide, or offer products or services through your blog, you want to read this.  It is all too easy for a blogger to think they are just cleverly advertising their products, without any real intent to deceive consumers, but still potentially violate state or federal consumer protection laws. The two governing...
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How to quickly set-up and sell online courses
One of the hardest parts of selling online courses is NOT the creation content, the marketing, or even the ideas. Heck, as entrepreneurs we don’t lack for ideas. Many times it is wading through all of the many options out there.  Here is a quick “how-to” for setting up an online course quickly and getting...
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So you have an awesome audience. But you want to make some money out of your blog? Here are the top ways to monetize your blog – you can use all, one, or a combination.  Find what suits you, your audience, and your business model.   #1 Have an opt-in With the way social media...
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