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As Seen: The Legit Endeavors Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Do you have questions on what you can do to make sure your business and the things you create for your business are protected? Then you don’t want to miss this! Rachel recently visited The Legit Endeavors Podcast to talk to Elizabeth Hill about protecting your intellectual property. For a quick preview, listen here!  ...
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Copyright infringement or work for hire?
A potential client reached out to you and asked if you could create a product video review. You shot and produced the video, delivered your work, received payment, and even provided a copy of the original video you shot for the client’s use at trade shows. You believed that all was well, but then you...
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The confusing world of copyright ownership
You produced a product review video. You are the original author, so you own the copyright…right? What if the work was commissioned? What if several pieces included in your video (i.e., music, special effects) were licensed by you for the video? Do you still hold the copyright? Does everyone have some rights? Let’s dive into...
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How to deal with non-payment and under-payment
You received an order from a new client, produced the requested product, sent the product off to them, and then waited patiently for the money to roll in. But, it never did! Or it did, but wasn’t the full amount. Or it did, but you realized that you charged too little by accident. What do...
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Global marketplace, global problems: international copyright enforcement
Global marketplace, global problems! You thought you had a handle on copyright and then you realized someone was infringing on your copyright halfway across the world. How can you enforce your rights in another country?   Copyright Basics Before we get to international enforcement, let’s refresh quickly about copyright in general. The U.S. Copyright Office...
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Can I use this? When a trademark can and cannot be used
I’m creating a LinkedIn training product – just wondering are there any legal issues with having LinkedIn mentioned in the product title? You have created an awesome product that will help users of the popular website learn how to better navigate the website. You are mulling over names for your product, but everything you come up...
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Viral videos are one of the latest byproducts of the ever-increasing popularity of social media outlets. Instead of slogging through the process of having to email a funny video to your friend, you can now share that video with all of your friends in one click. One of your friends does the same, and then...
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The case of the copycat website: what to do if your site is copied
You have spent a lot of time, effort, and money creating the perfect website for your business. You researched the best layouts, paid for a custom website, commissioned custom graphics, and regularly add your own unique content. THEN, you find out that someone copied you…not just one blog post or one photo, but your entire...
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While you are busy working on The Next Big Thing, how can you be sure that your employees, partners, and service providers aren’t blabbing about what you are creating? If you need to keep your business operations under wraps, you want to consider having your team members sign a nondisclosure agreement, also known as an...
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