As Seen: The Basic Girl Marketing Podcast + Rachel Brenke \\ How to Legally Prepare & Protect Your Business
Learning how to run a business is a study in trial and error.  Luckily there are resources that can help us learn best business practices. The Basic Girl Marketing Podcast is one of those resources. Recently, Danielle Cevallos and Rachel discussed things you can do now to protect your business.   Once you have an...
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Non-Compete Agreements in Mentor-Mentee Relationships
Have you ever had a mentor or been one? Perhaps you identified as a business coach or consultant? Maybe you had an informal mentor-mentee relationship, such as a family friend, or maybe a more formal relationship, such as a guidance counselor or a boss at an internship. Chances are most people can answer yes to...
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Do you need a collaboration agreement to work with others?
Technology makes it so easy to collaborate on creative projects with other people. You don’t have to be in the same place as your creative partner when you share ideas virtually. But with the convenience and speed of online collaboration comes some often-ignored, but important, copyright and conflict-dispute issues. Before you start working with someone...
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While you are busy working on The Next Big Thing, how can you be sure that your employees, partners, and service providers aren’t blabbing about what you are creating? If you need to keep your business operations under wraps, you want to consider having your team members sign a nondisclosure agreement, also known as an...
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How being legal can make your blog more money
Your blog is rocking, your audience is responsive, and you are motivated to make more money! Cause come on – who isn’t? There may be one piece of the puzzle that you’re missing, and I’m going to let you know this secret. Being legal can make your blog and business more money. True story, I’m...
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5 Blogging contracts you need to protect your blog!
It is scary how many people believe “online businesses” (like bloggers) are exempt from legalities. No way, Jose! In fact, due to the massive amounts of commerce that is engaged in online, bloggers need to be even more mindful of the legalities and accompanying documents needed to protect their business. Here’s a quick rundown of...
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Now Available: Speaker Contract Template
This speaker contract is for between the host of an event, such as a workshop or conference, and the speaker being hired to perform services at the event. Provisions include: services compensation performance travel and lodging promotion speaker conduct cancellation relationship identification confidentiality indemnification and more!     Snag yours here  
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Now available: Model Release for Bloggers
This Model Release for Bloggers allows a photograph subject to easily and legally give permission for use of their photographic images for use on the blog.  Releases blogger of any claims by subject for compensation. These contract forms are not state specific as they are drafted on general contract principles and experience as a photography business owner....
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