Building Your Dreams without Mom Guilt with NFL Reporter Shannon Spake

If you watch NFL football on Sundays, or you’re a NASCAR fan, you’ll know today’s guest, Shannon Spake for her work as a broadcaster. She’s also a mom of twins, and an Ironman triathlete, and loves to give back to herself, her community, and her family. During today’s episode, we are lucky to host her for a conversation about the challenges of balancing motherhood and business. Shannon’s message comes down to one simple word of advice; to give yourself grace. Tune in to hear how Shannon’s involvement with many different things helps her to avoid burnout, and how being a part of the endurance community gives her an opportunity to fill her cup. Hear about her relationship with triathlons, how one of the characters in Disney’s Cars 3 came to be named after her, and what it has been like to work in a male-dominated field, with the support of fellow NASCAR reporter, Jamie Little. Join us to learn all about Shannon’s unique road to building a rich and fulfilling life that is as multifaceted as it is successful. Anyone can learn from these powerful insights, but if you’re feeling the pressure as a mom building a career, you can’t afford to miss today’s conversation.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, NFL reporter, mother, and triathlete, Shannon Spake.
  • Shannon tells us what’s new in her career today. 
  • What she has learned by balancing personal pursuits and family along with building a career. 
  • How she has learned to give herself grace as she has grown older.
  • What she realized in New York during 9/11. 
  • How being a part of the endurance community gives Shannon the opportunity to fill her cup. 
  • Her belief that doing many different things helps to prevent burnout in any area.
  • How changing her environment keeps Rachel creatively fresh.
  • Why Rachel believes that she is a better parent when she gets the time to be herself outside of that role.
  • Understanding that everyone has a different level of sacrifice.
  • How triathlon acts as a form of meditation for Shannon.
  • Shannon’s commitment to enjoying herself above all else when she partakes in triathlons.
  • How she prepares to ensure that the experience is fun for her.
  • The story of how one of the characters in Cars 3 was named after Shannon.
  • What it has been like to work in a male-dominated sports space.
  • How her relationship with fellow NASCAR reporter Jamie Little was a support to her.
  • Her advice to younger people that their impact is what’s most important.
  • Why Shannon believes nothing is more important than working hard and being likable.

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