While content platforms and consumption evolve, written words will never take the place of trends.

As a business strategist, intellectual property lawyer, business owner and mom of five – I have a lot to share.  Boiling my stories down into relatable, fun tales while educating the reader is a highlight of my professional career.  I enjoy accompanying my business books with novelty children’s books so women can share their passion with young minds in their lives in a fun way.

“Never before have I read a business book for newbies that had me laughing and feeling like Rachel was a new friend. Rachel clearly knows her stuff and covers every base of starting and growing your own business. Yet her book is entertaining and relatable. I highly recommend this book for Mom entrepreneurs who need help getting started or help growing their business.”



My journey to self-authoring, by choice.

Many who seek to become authors feel you are not deemed credible unless you’re published by a big publishing house.  With my first book, I started out this way and thought “yessss..I made it on the first try!” Then the editorial control was taking my voice and fun out of the book. After my first run, I fired them. I went on to self-publish some children’s books and tried my hand as a second business book.  The book was about to hit shelves in Target in the next week but I decided I had let the publishing house control too much and took away from me (again)…and ultimately, what I stood for.

I felt a commitment to myself and to each of you.  Not only to stand firm on who you are – but to show that you don’t need others to build it for you.  

Maybe one day I will go back to a large publishing house – one that gives me editorial and creative control. Until then, I continue to write for fun and for you.

The Laundry List

The Laundry List is a real-life practical guide to balance family and business. Rachel walks you through setting realistic and flexible goals, choosing a workspace, balancing household chores, and organizational tips to get your business rocking to success. Who better to learn from than someone who has done it a couple times over?

Sugar Snaps

Many of us are business owners because we are mothers. We do it to be there and provide for our kids. We are role models. They want to be like us. So here is a gift for your little ones, the reason we work so hard. With hand-drawn illustrations, this book tells of a young girl wanting to be like her photographer mom. Olivia goes through the story modeling after mom and, in the end, mom gifts her with a wooden camera to have a “real” camera to play with.

A Photographer’s Night Before Christmas

A  Photographer’s Night Before Christmas is a hand-illustrated book to capture the spirit of Christmas within the love for the art of photography.

Tri with Mom

Children watch their mothers do extraordinary things throughout their lifetimes. Sometimes, they get inspired by the greatness they see.

This book is for triathlete moms (parents) to share their strength, unwillingness to give up and dedication to following through a challenge.

Archer’s Adventures

Archer’s Adventures is a memorium book detailing the adventures one loving rescue-pup took during his lifetime. The proceeds of this book go to support Archer’s Advocates – a non-profit seeking to improve legislative protections for our pets.

Adventures with
an Au Pair

Adventures with an Au Pair helps families explain what it means to have an au pair come to live, stay and celebrate holidays with them. This children book goes through the interviewing process, welcoming her at the airport, showing her where she will live, through travels with the family, and sharing of holidays. The book does finish by showing that the Au Pair must leave but shares that she loves them and will never forget them.

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