A Recap with Rachel Brenke

This past weekend was our yearly conference/family trip to Cedar Point, Ohio for BloggyCon.  This has been a long-standing tradition with our family and I personally love it because I rarely get to take family on work trips with me!  So we rented a “church van”, loaded up and took off on an 8 hour road trip!

Run by Tiffany Noth of Bloggy Moms, this is a fantastic beginner blogging conference.  With topics on legalities (ahem..yours truly), social media platforms, search engine optimization and more – there is something for every type of blogger.

I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker this year on the topic of “Protecting Your Piece of the Entrepreneurial Pie” – I went over topics of protecting your brand, your time and doing the proper legal things.

Feedback from my presentation:

I love how REAL @RachelBrenke is. None of us have it all figured out! #LakeErieLove #BloggyCon18 #BloggyCon @BloggyCon

— Elisha & Elyssa (@WhollyART) September 15, 2018

At #BloggyCon18. My fave presentation so far has got to be @RachelBrenke‘s talk on the necessary leagal steps to take for your business – and why. It was like an episode of Scared Straight – but with a much prettier prison guard. ?

— Bree Glenn (@breeglenn) September 15, 2018

“Don’t be a donut” listening to @RachelBrenke‘s keynote @BloggyCon #BloggyCon18 As a blogger you need to stand out and be clear on your unique selling proposition — don’t be a donut! #bloggertips #mommybloggersconnect

— NYCTechMommy (@nyctechmommy) September 15, 2018

@RachelBrenke is amazing! pic.twitter.com/gI2roTNT35

— Ellen • Ask Away Blog (@ellen_ross1) September 15, 2018

Here are a few of the bloggers I’ve met at BloggyCon that you should get to know:

Included with the conference admission – which is more than worth it by itself – is an awesome swag back, $25 Cedar Point gift card and Cedar Point Amusement Park tickets.  I love that BloggyCon always aligns with the first week of Halloweekends at Cedar Point – this is an official fall kick off for our family.

If you are considering getting into blogging, need some guidance or a kick -in the pants then BloggyCon is for you! Find more information here.

That’s a wrap!

BloggyCon 2018: A Recap with Rachel Brenke

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