Best Selling Books



written for other moms trying to succeed


The Laundry List

The Laundry List is a real-life practical guide to balance family and business. Rachel walks you through setting realistic and flexible goals, choosing a workspace, balancing household chores, and organizational tips to get your business rocking to success. Who better to learn from than someone who has done it a couple times over?



Dirty Laundry

A 30-Day devotional for busy entrepreneurs.  

Dirty laundry piles up… …both literally and metaphorically. We all have it. No one is immune, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Having this entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t remove us from the complications dirty laundry can inject into our lives. Between trying to run a business, being a spouse and parent, maintaining relationships and getting to the laundry, cooking, cleaning and – we often lose sight of ourselves and the Lord. This 30-day devotional comes with a relatable story, application of Scripture to a similar situation, and a challenge for each day. Dirty Laundry’s goal is to work through a variety of issues ranging from stress from running a business to the fear of failure, from the impact entrepreneurship can have on your marriage to the feeling of loneliness that entrepreneurship can leave you in.

Dirty Laundry by Rachel Brenke

Sugar Snaps

Many of us are business owners because we are mothers.
We do it to be there and provide for our kids.
We are role models. They want to be like us.
So here is a gift for your little ones, the reason we work so hard.
With hand-drawn illustrations, this twenty-four page book tells of a young girl wanting to be like her photographer mom. 
Sugar goes through the story modeling after mom and, in the end, mom gifts her with a wooden camera to have a “real” camera to play with.

SugarSnaps by Rachel Brenke



A Photographer’s Night Before Christmas

A Photographer’s Night Before Christmas is a hand-illustrated book to capture the spirit of Christmas within the love for the art of photography.

placeit night before christmas


Millie’s Great Adventure

Adopting a puppy from a rescue shelter can be an overwhelming, scary and also FUN experience.  This children’s book explains the process in a fun story format to children so that they know what to expect from this experience.  This is a real-life story of Amelia (“Millie”) whose previous owners beat and starved her, but a wonderful came in to rescue her and give her a wonderful home.




Tri with Mom

Children watch their mothers do extraordinary things throughout their lifetimes. Sometimes, they get inspired by the greatness they see.

This book is for triathlete moms (parents) to share their strength, unwillingness to give up and dedication to following through a challenge.



Adventures with an Au Pair

Adventures with an Au Pair helps families explain what it means to have an au pair come to live, stay and celebrate holidays with them. This children’s book goes through the interviewing process, welcoming her at the airport, showing her where she will live, through travels with the family, and sharing of holidays. The book does finish by showing that the Au Pair must leave but shares that she loves them and will never forget them.